Pool tables, billiard tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables, beer pong tables, we have experience moving a myriad of tables. Many Austin pool table movers will offer to take your table apart and put it back together again for you. Six hours later and they’ve only got it half-completed, that half is wrong and where are the rest of the bolts?

The Art of Mooving doesn’t allow for these kinds of shenanigans. Indoor sports equipment is tricky at best to take apart and put back together, that’s why we have a system of marking everything out, taking notes on how we took it apart so that we can put it back together again. If it’s super complicated then we will even take pictures. We are the most meticulous and detailed pool table movers in Austin.

It also matters how that table is positioned. It’s not just about Feng Shui, but about an over-zealous pool cue aerating your drywall… We understand the need for unencumbered playtime. When we play billiards we have to get really creative about holding a cue stick, what without the opposable thumbs and all.