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Leander Movers.

At Square Cow, moving is always a family affair. Our family-owned business understands making a move – even if it’s just across the 34 square miles of Leander – can be stressful, emotional and exciting all at once. We’ll make your Leander move easier with exemplary service and manners that have made us one of the most trusted moving companies in Central Texas.
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Say Moo, Leander.

Say Moo,


Make your next moove a happy one
with the help of our Leander, TX movers!

Make your next moove a happy one with the help of our Leander, TX movers!

Why do so many people in Leander trust Square Cow Movers? Because we’re:

  • A family-owned business that got its start in Texas.
  • Firm believers that customer satisfaction is the #1 priority.
  • Completely transparent with pricing and rates that are fair.
  • The movers are all carefully chosen team members that share our values.
  • A one-stop shop for a variety of moving services.
  • Fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Open and Honest

Want more info about our movers in Leander? Our transparency and trust policies provide additional information on how we run our herd.

Services From Our Leander, TX Movers

Residential Moving

Whether you’re moving into a historic home or a new condo, our moving company in Leander can help you get settled in without the stress. The team will get everything loaded up, transported and unloaded so you don’t have to worry about any of the heavy lifting.

Commercial Moving

When you’re expanding, moving offices or starting a business here, the move into your new location can help set the tone. Our movers in Leander, TX will get things off on the right hoof with professional, reliable services that make the transition easier all around.

Local Moving

We know a local move can be just as stressful as a long distance move. Even if you’re new place is just down the street, Square Cow Movers can make the transition easier. We understand the lay of the land, regulations at different developments and the best ways to navigate a moving truck around Leander. With us you don’t have to worry about all the local logistics.

Long Distance Moving

If you’re facing a lengthy move to (or from) Leander, there are a few extra considerations to figure out. But don’t worry – our Leander moving company has the experience, equipment and strategic locations to make a long distance relocation seem more like a local move. Leave nothing to chance with our guaranteed load and unload dates! That way you can focus on meeting the new neighbors instead of worrying about driving a large truck across state lines.

Piano Moving, Pool Table Moving, Fine Art Moving

No item is too strange, fragile or cumbersome for our Leander, TX movers. Every mover undergoes extensive training on protecting and packing items of all shapes and sizes so you can trust our experts to handle expensive specialty items with the utmost care. We can even pack it up in a crate for added protection.

Inner House Moves

When all you need is a little help getting something moved to another room, our inner house service is the perfect solution. No project is too small, and you’ll get the same great service you’d expect with a complete residential move.


Are you dreading the packing process? With Square Cow Movers you don’t have to! In addition to moving, we also offer packing services that save you loads of time and stress. We’ll bring all the packing materials needed to box up your stuff efficiently and securely.


We don’t just provide moving services in Leander. Square Cow Movers can also store your belongings before, during and after a move at our state-of-the-art Austin storage facility. When you work with us you can get it all done with one phone call.

Finding Fun Around Leander

Leander residents used to drive to Cedar Park or North Austin for entertainment, but these days you don’t have to leave the city to find fun. Great parks, golf courses, attractions and more are all within the Leander city limits.

Parks and Trails

One of the top reasons people choose to live in Leander is the beautiful countryside and views of rolling hills. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s right next door to the lakes.

You can enjoy your own slice of Leander or venture out to one of the eight city parks. There are over 400 acres to explore, including the Sarita Valley Greenbelt, a disc golf course and a historic landsite. Sandy Creek Park is another popular outdoor attraction. This Travis County park is located on the shoreline of Lake Travis and offers fishing, swimming, hiking and overnight camping.

Need a place to bring your furry family members? Doghouse Drinkery Dog Park is a unique, membership-based park with 2.5 acres for pooches to play. There’s also a pub and live entertainment (for the human guests).

Family-Friendly Activities

The parks, trails and sports complexes around Leander provide endless entertainment, but that’s not where the fun stops. Many of the communities in Leander have amazing amenities and attractions that provide fun for adults, kids, and everyone in between.

Here are a few recommendations where you’ll find family fun in Leander:

  • Escape Room Leander
  • The Quarry splash pad
  • Crystal Falls Golf Course
  • Cedar Rock Railroad

Leander truly has gained an identity of its own in recent years. Families that move to Leander get to enjoy all of the natural wonders of the Texas Hill Country as well as new entertainment options that are fun for the entire family.

We seek to serve

How can our movers help you move?

Local Moving

You can trust our local movers to handle the process like true professionals. Even if you’re making a short distance move in the same neighborhood you’ll get our full attention and the full suite of residential moving services.

Long Distance Movers

Moving across Texas (or the country) is no sweat when you have help from a long distance moving professional. Our highly trained movers understand the regulations involved with moving across states, and driving a big haul in one trip is no problem.

Labor Only Services

Want to handle the truck or container on your own? You can hire our well-mannered movers for just a loading and unloading service. We load it up and you move it out! With our labor only service, you can leave the heavy lifting to us! 

Packing Services

Our experience as movers has proven no one enjoys packing, except our pros! We’re experts at wrapping, packing & stacking so that your fragile belongings are protected. We’ll handle your items with extra care, and can bring any packing materials we need to get the job done (for a fee of course).

Packing Materials

No need to stock up on cardboard boxes or make an extra trip, we’re your one-stop-shop for all of your packing needs. We have everything you need cardboard boxes,  packing paper & tape for no hassle, stress-free packing. We are your go-to supplier for all your packing materials for your next move

Commercial Movers

Being that we’re an established moving company that has moved ourselves, we completely understand the worry that accompanies moving an entire office. Our commercial moving services will allow you to stay focused on your company while our team handles the logistics & heavy lifting.