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Here’s a short list of some of the questions we get on a regular basis. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to call us! 

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Excellence is our goal.

“This is THE best moving company. The movers are excellent, take great care with your belongings, and are fast. This is the second time I have utilized their services, and this time the move was from Houston to another city in Texas 4 hours away. Everything went perfect!”

– Terry Ann B. (Houston, Texas)

Short answer, everything. We don’t have extra fees or charges. If we are packing, boxes and materials are charged according to use.
Typically, the clock starts when we leave our office and ends when the last item comes off the truck.

We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards. NO CHECKS.

This is a great question. Simply put, there are too many factors outside of our control. Each truck is sent to a morning job and the size and scope of that job determines when we arrive at the afternoon jobs.
Great question, tell us your theory…

We have an hourly minimum. Depending on your area. 

Nope. If you need to cancel simply contact our office and we’ll let you off the hook, no strings attached.
We prefer to wait and ask for payment after we’ve completed the work. We’re old school that way.
We are more than happy to help with this!
We are happy to remove your TV from the wall. We do not remove the mount or remount the TV.
Yes we do…and we think we do it better than the big guys. Call us to learn more!
  • Valuables; cash, jewelry, etc.
  • Medication
  • Items prohibited by law:
  • Weapons/Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Flammables
  • Grand pianos
  • Items exceeding 500 lbs.
All of our trucks are the same size, 26 ft box trucks.
There are many factors to determine the answer to this question, we would love the opportunity to discuss what would serve you best. Give us a ring at 844.WE.MOOVE.

Most of the time this isn’t necessary. We book most moves without ever visiting the home before the move. We recommend in-home estimates for the following:

  • Long distance moves
  • Larger homes
  • Unique circumstances or items

Everyday! Our team comes prepared with a basic set of tools to help disassemble and reassemble items like beds as well as unhook and hook up appliances (unfortunately we are not able to connect or disconnect gas appliances).
Yes, please call to check our availability!
Yes, we get this question. We are not currently moving livestock. However, we’re open to starting a new division.
This is a yes and no answer. We offer storage options in Austin and Dallas. We are not currently offering storage in Houston or Denver.
Our storage is not air conditioned. However, we track the temps and our warehouse space does not reach temps that would be harmful to household goods.
Sure. While there is no obligation to tip, our hard working crews always appreciate a “job well done” and gratuity helps to send that message.
Sometimes. If they do you will not be charged for that time.
First, we work hard to keep this from happening. However, we know it’s a natural part of moving sometimes. If something gets damaged give us a call so we can start working through the claims process.
Most of the time we just keep moving. If the weather is severe the movers may choose to stop the clock and wait. It’s very rare that we are unable to complete a move due to weather conditions.
We have had the pleasure of completing nearly 100,000 moves since our beginnings. We know 99% of our clients love the work we do even if that isn’t reflected on all consumer review sites. Our aim is that you will be blown away by the level of service you receive, and if you are not, we want to know about it in hopes to make it right.

We seek to serve

How can we help you moove?

Long Distance

Whether you’re crossing the state or the country, our herd is here for you.


Home is wherever you are, and we’re here to make your local moove as enjoyable as possible!

Packing Materials

No need to stock up on cardboard boxes or make an extra trip, we’re your one-stop-shop for all of your packing needs.