Make an Impact.

Build a Legacy.

Franchising with Square Cow Moovers gives you the unique opportunity to own a rewarding business, believe in the work and make a difference in the process.

We seek to serve

More Than Movers.

Square Cow Moovers is a community of people passionate about serving others with integrity and excellence, down to every last detail. By investing in the people around us, we inspire our communities to believe change is possible.

The Lombard family started Square Cow Moovers to grow a successful business and make a positive impact on their community at the same time – to build a legacy.

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It's All About Family

Our story is a lot like yours.

Starting in 2007 with just two trucks and a desire to serve, we now have 65 trucks and more than 200 herd members. Our steady growth is a testament to our commitment to service, investment and inspiration.

If you want the same thing, you belong at Square Cow.

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The culture and desire for excellence is what drew me to Square Cow. We take pride in delivering a better product than other companies and Square Cow has allowed me the freedom and opportunity to develop skills that are completely priceless.

Jordan Allen. (Denver, CO)

Start Your Journey

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“Say Howdy!”

First, apply on our website with the GET STARTED form.

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“Saddle Up!”

Schedule an initial call to meet you and gather the information we need to “moove” forward.

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“Square Peg, Square Hole”

Together, we determine if franchising with Square Cow is right fit for you. We’ll connect, answer questions, and discuss next steps.

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“Run With The Herd”

Review Franchise Disclosure Documents to gain an understanding of the business.
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“Cowboy Up”

Learn how Square Cow provides franchisees support as you run your business.

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“Get Mooving”

Spend a day with the herd on-site discovering what it takes to run a Square Cow franchise, sign your franchise agreement, and then launch your business.

Ready to Saddle Up?

Join the Square Cow family to start impacting your family and
your community today.

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What you gain

By franchising with Square Cow, you’ll be equipped with...

A Well-Established Brand:
  • Name recognition, solid operating history, trusted vendor and supplier partnerships
Practical Resources for success:
  • Modern technology tools like operating and scheduling software, cash-based business for streamlined transactions, founding and current team’s expertise
Forward-thinking leadership
  • A commitment to continually improving the business model, education and training programs (initial and ongoing)

Frequently Asked Questions

Wayne, the patriarch of the company, has been predicting this stage for quite some time. Once we had Cole Strong committed to Square Cow, we knew he was the perfect leader to launch the Square Cow Franchise Family!
Yes, this is definitely a possibility and we would enjoy the opportunity to further discuss it with you! 

We are committed to growing the Square Cow brand through franchising. It’s possible that we one day decide to sell our corporate locations as we march toward our goal.  However, we are not currently marketing these locations as available.

This is not on our radar at this point. We have spent the last 15 years capturing market share in central Texas and Denver, CO. Our goal is to expand the Square Cow brand through franchising outside of our current markets.
We admire what some of our competitors have achieved. These guys are giants in the industry! And that is one of our biggest advantages. We aren’t a huge conglomerate. We are nimble, we know our team, we’re committed to each and every franchisee. You won’t be a number on a spreadsheet. You will personally know each owner, you will learn from those that built Square Cow from the ground up. Lastly, we have a high TAM. TAM stands for Total Available Markets. You are less likely to score a highly sought after territory with one of our competitors.
The short answer is…you can! But we've learned a TON in the past 15 years, and as they say "experience is the best teacher." We are confident the mistakes we've made, money we've spent, and the lessons we've learned over the past 15 years puts us in a position to help you avoid those same mistakes, grow your market more quickly, and maximize your profits. In addition, you will be building a stronger asset that will be worth more on your balance sheet with the name recognition and ties to the corporate brand. We've proven that with the right partners we can be successful in many different markets, and we are committed to helping you avoid the headaches of launching your own moving business, coupled with a brand and system that we know works.

All industries have warts and challenges, the moving industry is no different. For instance, the job of a mover is physically demanding. Additionally, the seasonality of moving means super busy summers with less busy winters. Third, moving is stressful and you are often meeting clients at a vulnerable time in their life.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where online consumer reviews are readily available to anyone with an internet connection. For the past 15 years we have poured over thousands of reviews, some really amazing and some very unsavory, and everything in between. If you combined all our reviews from all the different sites we would average 4.25-4.75 stars. While we would love to boast a five star rating across the board we know this becomes mathematically impossible over time. Instead, we establish a standard for our franchises and we coach each team to meet that standard.
It can be! However, this is one of our favorite areas to coach franchises about. Your ability to recruit, train and retain a good staff is often dependent on your system and processes.
Sunday moves are not an option for the Square Cow Franchise Family. Why? There are several reasons. Most notably, we encourage our team to focus on faith and family on Sundays. Additionally, movers need a day to re-energize, run errands, and watch football! We decided early on that we would be closed on Sunday’s. We have never regretted this decision. To the contrary, we’re confident this decision has earned us more respect from our clients and loyalty from our team.

We start by collecting basic information from franchise candidates. As we navigate the franchise process we begin to collect more sensitive information. We are committed to only using this information in the process of qualifying candidates.

Do more than just own a business.

Make A Difference!

Join the Square Cow family to start impacting your family and
your community today.