More than Moovers: Other Services We Offer

The essence of a moving company – pick up boxes and furniture, pack them into a truck and then move everything to another location.  We do this, and we do it well (we have lots of five-star reviews to prove it.) However, we do offer a few other services you may not know about. Packing […]

Behind the Scenes with Wayne Lombard

Our “Behind the Scenes” series continues with an interview from one of the three Square Cow owners, Wayne Lombard. What did you do before starting Square Cow Moovers with Wade and Derek?  WL: Before Square Cow I owned a mortgage company in Birmingham. When you were a kid what did you want to be when […]

Behind the Scenes with Derek Mills

If you know anything about Square Cow Moovers, you might have heard that we are moovers with manners and family-owned.  There are three Square Cow Moovers owners: Wayne Lombard, Derek Mills and Wade Lombard.  You have probably heard from Wade before, but what about the other two owners?  Today we take you behind the scenes […]

When Austin and Denver Align

When Denver and Austin Align A huge part of the reason that Square Cow Movers expanded to Denver, Colorado is because Denver shares many similarities with the place where Square Cow Movers got its start—Austin, Texas.  Herd leader Wade Lombard commented, “Denver has a very analogous footprint to Austin.  The cities are comparable in size, […]

Inspect it! Protect it! Respect it!

How we treat what you entrust us to move separates our herd from the rest.  We understand how vulnerable families feel during a move, so we work relentlessly to show respect and care towards our clients’ things.  In an effort to galvanize this culture of respect and care for our clients’ belongings, we started a […]

Square Cow Movers is Coming to Denver!

Square Cow Movers is expanding again! The rumors around the campfire are true. We just launched a location in Denver.  As you probably know, this is our first out of state branch.  And we’re pumped! Now, you may be asking, “Why Denver?” We’ve actually gotten that question a lot in recent weeks since we’re known […]

Clear Your Clutter Day

Square Cow Moovers is a proud sponsor of the 10th annual Clear Your Day in Austin.  Clear Your Clutter Day is on Saturday, January 30th, from 10am to 2pm.  There will be multiple organizations on hand to accept your different types of clutter.  Unwanted items won’t go to the landfill and you can help out […]

Square Cow Movers is Coming to Dallas!

Over the last seven years everyone at Square Cow Movers has busted their hides providing first-class moving services in Central Texas. We started out in North/Central Austin after a horrific moving experience of our own. Austinites really responded to our focus on making a move as stress-free as possible and our emphasis on customer service. […]

Why we are Closed on Sundays

Why We Are Closed on Sundays Many companies are closed on Sundays, banks, offices, etc.  It is hard for a moving company to be closed on any day, especially a weekend, simply because many folks look to move when they are not working, i.e. the weekend. So, many people cannot believe we would not work […]

What We’re Most Thankful For This Year!

Over the past few years we’ve written many Thanksgiving blogs outlining what we’re thankful for, thanking the men and women who serve in the armed forces, enumerating the benefits of moving over the Thanksgiving holiday, and providing tips on making your new house feel like home at Thanksgiving.  In 2015 we are doing things a […]