Leading by Serving

Serving is always top of mind for our whole herd at Square Cow Moovers.  Not just customer service, but service with the goal of helping or doing something for someone else. Herd leader, Wade Lombard, encourages service by first serving others himself. After a recent mission trip to Nicaragua, Wade shared some encouragement with his […]

Square Cow Movers: Our Culture

If you are reading this blog, you probably know that there is something a little bit different about Square Cow Moovers, something that makes us unique. Our name, for starters, conveys that we have a sense of humor. But people don’t want to hire a moving company just because we are funny. People want to trust their things […]

Do Other Animals Move?

Square Cows are mooving experts—mooving is in our name! But, we aren’t the only animals that move.  We love to help people and businesses move from one place to another. Other animals move or migrate for a variety of reasons: to find food, to lay eggs, to hibernate, to reach a more temperate climate, better […]

Say Moo – Tell Others About Square Cow Moovers

Since 2008, Square Cow Movers has grown by leaps and bounds (yep, imagine boxy cows nimbly jumping up the side of mountain).  A big part of that explosive growth comes directly from the incredible generosity of our customers to help us spread the word about Square Cow Movers to friends, family and even complete strangers.  […]

New Life Adoptions Moove

New Life Adoptions is a Houston-based nonprofit and child-placing agency licensed by the State of Texas. Our herd had the unique opportunity to support a cause close to our hearts (adoption) by donating moving labor to help move the New Life Adoptions office.  Adoption is special to our herd because two of Wayne Lombard’s thirteen grandchildren […]

Year in Review: The Highlights of 2016 for Square Cow Movers

2016 has been a wonderful and a busy year for our herd! We are fortunate to count among the top events of 2016: expansions to a new city and a new state, building a 40,000 square foot headquarters and warehouse, making a difference through “Mooving with a Mission” and so much more.  The crucial component […]

Settlement Home Garage Sale 2016

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Settlement Home for Children for the fifth year in a row to serve children and families in our community through supporting the 41st Annual Charity Garage and Estate Sale.  The sale benefits the Settlement Home for Children whose mission is to promote healing and growth in children, […]

Neighborhoods With the Best Trick or Treating in Austin

Austin is the home base for the Square Cow Movers founding team and their families. As such, we know this city like the back of our hooves. Never has that knowledge come in handier than Halloween. Being that we’re trick-or-treating parents ourselves, we know how important it is to find the best neighborhoods. By best […]

Moving with Sensitivity

“My move was the first of May, but am just now settled enough to let you know how much I appreciate your company, your hiring practices and the training that you obviously give to your employees. This was the third time that you have moved me. All have been positive experiences, but this time was […]

Who Gets the ‘Best’ Room?

The scenario: your family moves into a new home, but one of the bedrooms is significantly bigger, has a unique feature or has somehow been deemed better by the kids.  So, who gets the “best” room?  Kids have an innate desire for fairness, especially when it comes to a perceived slight in their sibling’s favor.  […]