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X Things You Need to Know Before Moving During the Holidays - Square Cow Moovers

Can you really handle a holiday move? Sometimes life happens and we have to make a move at an inopportune time, like during the holidays. Here are a few things you need to know before taking on a move during the holiday season.

You’ll Need to Start Planning Earlier

Professional moving companies in Texas and around the U.S. will suggest that you start planning at least a month before a move. During the holidays this is an absolute must. If you can start planning sooner that’s even better.

There’s so much going on during the holiday season, adding a whole list of moving to-dos can get overwhelming very quick. Not to mention it will take away time you could be spending at holiday festivities. Beginning earlier will help you avoid a lot of exhaustion and frustration.

Packing Services May Be Necessary

If you have a busy schedule during the holidays you may need to hire help to get everything done before the move. In this situation, if you can only splurge on one thing make it packing services. Packing is a very time consuming process. Professional packers will bring their own supplies and can get the job done much faster, saving you a lot of time.

You Might Need to Skip or Limit the Decorations

When you’re moving, everything is getting packed up, getting the decorations out of storage is counterproductive. This can be a real bummer if you enjoy decorating or have young kids. There are a few easy ways to decorate during the move so you don’t have to feel completely left out. One of the most common decorating adjustments is to use a small potted tree instead of putting up a full-size version.

You May Upset Your Kids

Speaking of kids, you may have noticed they love the holidays. They’re getting a break from school, have time to spend with friends and are getting excited about a visit from Santa Claus.

Moving at any time can be emotional for kids who often don’t understand why you have to move. Moving during the holidays can be even worse. Reassure young children that Santa will be able to find them no matter where they are by looking at a Santa tracker online. You can also send Santa a letter letting him know the new address if you’re moving before Christmas.

It may be difficult, but try to stick with your holiday traditions as much as possible. This will create some normalcy for your entire family.

Service Providers May Have Special Holiday Hours

Our professional movers are like machines when they’re on the job, but they’re our friends who have families of their own. We like to make sure they have time off during the holiday to be with loved ones. That requires closing up shop for a few extra days.

Moving during the holidays means you’ll probably have to work around shortened holiday hours. Movers, supply companies, storage facilities – make sure you’re aware of when your service providers won’t be available and plan accordingly.

Mother Nature Could Work Against You

Moving and Mother Nature don’t always mix. The winter months are among the most unpredictable. Even in Texas a sudden freeze can come out of nowhere and shut down roads. With or without ice, it will certainly be cold and there are less hours of daylight. If you’re moving during the holidays you have to be prepared with a plan B just in case Mother Nature works against you.

Finances Could Get Tight

A lot of people stress about the holidays for the same reason they stress about moving – it can add extra expenses to the monthly budget. The good news is winter isn’t the high season for moves so you may be able to find good deals. If you’re spending money on a move get creative with low-cost gifts. Studies have found that experiences are often more meaningful than tangible items so focus on inexpensive outings, like ice skating. You can also do things like put together an album of old photos or make a home video.

At least there’s one upside to moving during the holidays. You won’t have to take on the challenging of hosting an event since you’ll be in between homes. Let Square Cow Movers help you make your move so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays. Give us a call today or use the online form to get an instant moving quote!

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