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Image Credit: Trailer Food Tuesdays
Image Credit: Trailer Food Tuesdays

Austin is known for a great many things, besides being the “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin is also a haven for hipsters.  But what makes hipsters hip?  Is it the obscure recipes involving bacon, craft beer, owning a chicken coop, living on the East side, looking like you share a wardrobe with a hobo, traveling via bicycle, listening to undiscovered bands? As cows there a quite of few of these trends that we can support: eating bacon over beef is definitely a trend we would like to encourage and we certainly feel at home amongst other animals (chicken coops included), but we do prefer to travel via Square Cow truck.

One hip trend that we can definitely get on board with is food trucks!  Reason #1: We love trucks! Reason #2: We love dining alfresco (that’s a fancy way of saying outside)! Cows eat outside and we are happy to see that increasingly, humans are too!  Food trucks are awesome for a variety of reasons: eating in the fresh air, food trucks offer affordably priced food, and like cows, especially Square Cows, food trucks tend to travel in packs, or a herd. If you go to one food truck location, you are sure to find several more so you can try a variety of foods and even have a different dessert.  One big advantage food trucks have over traditional restaurants is mobility.  An awesome event that brings a sampling of food trucks together on the last Tuesday of every month is Trailer Food Tuesdays!

Four different entities masterminded this event and helped bring about Trailer Food Tuesdays starting in 2012.  Eric Silverstein, the founder of the Peached Tortilla- Eater Austin’s 2011 Food Truck of the Year, Tiffany Harelik, the author of Trailer Food Diaries, Tony Yamanaka, founder of Food Trailers Austin, and the Long Center all teamed up to launch this incredible event.  From March through October, eight to ten different food trucks come to the Long Center on the last Tuesday of the month to offer Austinites a wide variety of food truck cuisine all in one location.  Each Trailer Food Tuesday also features live music and family-friendly entertainment.

The trucks park on the City Terrace fronting on the Long Center, so that diners can bring picnic blankets and enjoy a view of the scenic Austin city skyline.  The food trucks serve food from 5PM to 9PM.  Dinner options this Tuesday, July 30 include everything from lobster to kabobs to grilled cheeses and even Philly cheese steaks!  Six of the eight food trucks that will be offering dinner options are: the very special Whole Foods Market truck, the Peached Tortilla, Wholly Kabob, Way South Philly Authentic Cheese Steaks, Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster and the Grilled Cheese Truck.  As cows we can once again heartily approve of not one, but two different dairy dessert options.  Both the Wright Brothers Dairy and the Cool Haus will be offering ice cream treats.  Wright Brothers Dairy specializes in soft-serve ice cream while the Cool Haus serves up delicious ice cream sandwiches!  For more information: http://www.trailerfoodtuesdays.com/