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We’ve been in the moving business long enough to confidently say no two moves are ever exactly like. We each amass unique collections of stuff, we all have different schedules and there’s a million different circumstances surrounding a move.

Few things are as important as your moving timeline since a move involves coordinating a number of people. If your timeline is off it can make things much more stressful and even end up costing more money.

Use these essential tips to create a realistic moving timeline that works for your schedule.

Give Yourself More Time Than You Think

You may think two weeks is an ample timeline for moving, but if you have more than a studio apartment that’s rushing it. A moving timeline that runs about 1-2 months gives you more breathing room and allows you to pace yourself.  

Create a Hard Deadline

The first thing you should do is decide on your move date. From there you can work backwards to make sure everything gets done on time and set deadlines for other major to-dos. Setting a date early also gives you the ability to line up movers and other service providers well in advance.

Modify an Existing Moving Checklist/Timeline

There’s no reason to completely reinvent the wheel. Make things much quicker and easier by modifying an existing moving checklist. You may need to rearrange items, remove to-dos and add tasks, but at least most of the work is done for you.

Factor in Family Activities

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could put life on hold while we move? When you’re busy planning a move it’s easy to put blinders on and forget about all your other family obligations. Break out the family calendar to see if there are any major activities or events that could impact the moving timeline.Don’t Forget About the Season

There are a number of seasonal considerations that can throw off your timeline if you don’t factor them in during the planning phase. During the winter the holidays and weather can slow things down. In the summer when more people are moving you may need to choose a professional moving company earlier than expected.

There are a number of seasonal considerations that can come into play. Think about what will be going on during the move so you can plan around it.

Use Tools That Make the Job Easier

An effective timeline is one that can be shared with others and easily modified when needed. CustomMovingChecklist.com has a tool that can help you create a moving timeline and checklist by selecting tasks, scenarios and questions that apply to your situation. There are also apps like Wunderlist and Evernote that allow you to create a moving checklist that can be accessed by others.

Get professional help coming up with a realistic moving timeline! Our moving crew can work with you one-on-one to plot out a moving timeline that works for your schedule. Just give us a call or use the online form to get an instant moving quote.

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