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Packing up appliances is part of a move that goes on the “wish I didn’t have to but I’m definitely going to” list. They are expensive, bulky items that require special care when moving – they are machines after all.

Having someone help out, and a simple step-by-step resource like the one below, makes the task much more manageable no matter what type of appliance you’re moving.

Moving a Refrigerator   

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Moving a Washing Machine

Moving a Dryer

Moving a Stove

Moving a Dishwasher

General Best Practices for Moving Appliances of Any Kind

Does the thought of moving expensive appliances stress you out? Appliance moving services from Square Cow Movers is worry-free! Our pros move appliances every day and know all the tricks of the trade. Give us a call or use the online form to get an instant moving quote!

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