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It doesn’t always happen, but every now and then a piece of furniture or appliance is just too big to get out the front door. It’s an issue that professional movers know how to handle, but if you’re doing it on your own this can be a problem that holds up the entire day. Use the pro strategies below to get bulky items out and into the moving truck.

Reposition the Furniture or Appliance

Sometimes all it takes is repositioning the furniture so that you can come at it from another angle. You might need to flip it vertically or on its side to make it work. Having three people help, two to move and one to guide, is usually the best way to get the job done.

Take the Furniture or Appliance Apart

Keep your tools handy during the move, because removing the feet of a couch or taking the handles off a stove may be what it takes to get the item through the door. If no angles are working this is one of the next easiest options.

Use Cardboard to Help the Item Slide

The easier the furniture or appliance can move the more likely it is to get through the door. Put a piece of cardboard down on the ground and push the item so that it slides smoothly. This might help you overcome any sticking points.

Take the Door Off the Hinges

When the door is out of the way you have one less thing to worry about and a little more room to work with. Removing the door is fairly easy. Just take a nail and place it on the pin in the center of the hinge. Use a hammer to tap the nail and slide the pin out. Repeat with the second hinge, and you’re done.

Consider Other Exits

The front door is usually the first place people think about, but it may not always be the most realistic option. If you have a garage, measure the door leading into it to see if it offers a little more room. Have a patio door? French doors give you twice the space and sliding doors also provide a bigger opening most of the time. Because of the logistics and safety concerns windows should be reserved as a last resort.

Remove the Doorframe

This isn’t recommended unless there is just no other way to get the item out, because it can be a pain in the rump to do. If you aren’t careful you can also damage the doorframe. First, remove the door from the hinge, and then use a utility knife to cut the caulk or paint around the frame. Starting at the bottom, wedge a screwdriver between the wall and frame to gently pull it loose. A crowbar can be used to pry the rest of the frame loose. Once the trim is removed use pliers to pull out the nails. If you need to, remove the doorjamb as well.

Avoid not being able to get things through the door by hiring the expert crew at Square Cow Movers. Our bovine movers have figured out how to work over-sized furniture through virtually any door. Whether you’re moving across Austin or across Texas, our movers will size everything up so that moving day has no doorway hang-ups.

Original source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/what-to-do-when-it-doesnt-fit-through-the-front-door/