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Have a new home that’s being built? Moving to a new city and not sure where you want to live yet? If you’re moving into a temporary home or apartment moving everything at once may not make the most sense. In this post we’re sharing advice on how to decide what to bring with you to the temp home and what should go into storage.


Before Packing Up Anything

As always, we suggest that you make the first step a good old fashion clean out. Take this opportunity to get rid of all the things that are just taking up space. Sell, recycle, donate and give away all the stuff you don’t want or no longer use.

Pantry items are something else worth considering. Things like expensive spices should be packed up, but other perishable foods may not make the trip. Also, some items may be more expensive to take with you than to simply replace once you get to your temporary home.


Questions That Can Help You Decide What to Move

Asking a few questions can help you decide which items you’ll need within reach and which ones can spend some time in storage. Ask yourself:

How long will you be in the temporary home?

The length of time will determine the types of items that you’ll need. However, some items like medications and certain cooking utensils will be needed no matter how long the temporary housing arrangement lasts.

How much space do you have?

The space is a huge factor because you are physically limited to what can fit in the temporary home. If you have a small temp home but have bulky items like a treadmill you use regularly you may have to make some adjustments to your regular routine for a short period.

What season is it?

Seasonal items like clothing, holiday decorations, bedding and sporting goods that aren’t in season are an immediate storage list item.

Is the temporary housing furnished?

The most cumbersome items to move are appliances and furniture. No matter how much you love your living room set, if the temporary housing already comes furnished it will be easier to just store your furniture. Other things to consider are bedding and kitchen items.

Do you have multiples of a must-have item?

An easy way to narrow things down is to only take a few items out of a set. For instance, if you have 10 bath towels and only three people in your family you can probably get away with bringing six towels with you and storing the other four.

How big of a storage budget do you have?

It’s often easier to store more and move less, but that may require a larger storage unit. The bigger the unit is the higher the monthly cost will be, especially if you need climate-control.


The goal is to make the move into and out of the temporary home as easy as possible. Usually that means storing as much as possible, especially if you are moving into an apartment up off the bottom floor. However, it’s all about your needs and comfort at the end of the day.

Need help moving into temporary housing or getting everything loaded into a storage unit? Give Square Cow Movers a call! We can help you with all of the packing and moving day logistics so that you have everything you need before moving into your permanent home.

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