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Woman Reaching Into PantryGetting the kitchen ready is one of the trickiest parts of making a move since so much food is involved. Cows know a thing or two about grazing, and in this post we’re giving you our top tips on how to pack up pantry goods.


Pantry Packing Dos

Do Pig Out – Use up as much of the food as you can before the move. Try eating in more, bringing lunches to work, tap your inner Betty Crocker and make a food plan for using up as much of the pantry goods as possible.

Lighten Up the Grocery List – About 3-4 weeks before the move scale back on your grocery shopping.

Do Purge the Pantry Before Packing – Before you start packing everything up go through and get rid of all the old stuff. If it’s expired, moldy and buggy put it in the trash instead of a moving container. If you have any dry goods or canned goods that you don’t think you’ll get around to eating consider donating unopened items to a local food bank or charity. You’ll lighten your load and provide someone in need with vital nutrition.

Do Use Plastic Food Containers – Investing in plastic food containers is a good idea whether or not you’re moving. They help keep food fresh, prevent pests from getting to food and it’s easier to see when you’re running low on supplies. During the move plastic containers can prevent spills and they give you peace of mind that you’re not going to find a box full of bugs when you unpack.

Do Use Plastic Packing ContainersPlastic moving containers provide more support and protection for your perishables. Even if you decide not to use food containers a few plastic containers will keep food from getting wet and minimize the risk of pests ruining what you’ve packed up. Plastic packing containers are also a more eco-friendly packing option so that’s a plus!


Pantry Packing Don’ts

Don’t Leave Food in Open Boxes – This is the biggest no-no in pantry packing. Just because something is packed up in a box doesn’t mean that critters can’t sniff it out. Next thing you know you’ve brought a colony of ants or a few mice into your new home.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute – Unlike the fridge you’ve got a little leeway on when you can start packing up food from the pantry. Give yourself at least a couple days to get it done so your last minute focus can be on the fridge, the remaining kitchen supplies and bathrooms.

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Movers What Can and Can’t Go in the Van – Many perishable items aren’t allowed in a moving van, but each company has their own policy. If it is a canned good or unopened you may be good, but other things likely won’t be allowed on the truck.

Don’t Skip the Labeling – Labeling both plastic food containers (if used) and the boxes is always helpful during and after the move.

Don’t Pack Without Considering Cost First – Is it going to cost you more or be more work than it’s worth to pack food items up rather than simply donate them or give them away? Carefully consider if packing certain things up is really worth the hassle if they are relatively affordable to replace.


Once you’ve got the dry goods all packed up let the moving experts at Square Cow Movers get the whole house loaded up in one of our trucks and over to your new home in time for dinner!

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