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It’s that time of year, when high school seniors start narrowing down their college options and deciding where they will go to school come the start of Fall semester. It’s a serious move with a lot of considerations. One of which is where the student will live when they aren’t holed up in the campus library.

Whether you or your kid is a true freshman or you’re transferring with hours already under your belt, if you’re moving to Austin, there are a lot of housing options.


Austin Dorms

A dorm is a great option for students right out of high school. They provide much needed oversight in the form of resident advisors, offer good security and it’s a place where you can meet a lot of peers.

Dorms in Austin include:

UT Private

UT On-campus

Huston-Tillotson University

St. Edwards Freshman Housing

St. Edwards Sophomore and Upperclassman Housing

Austin Apartments

In a growing city like Austin, apartment options are almost endless. However, you’ll probably want to look for apartments as close as possible to your campus. Finding something affordable could be more challenging for UT and Huston-Tillotson students since both campuses are close to downtown.

Apartments Near UT

Apartments Near Huston-Tillotson University

Apartments Near St. Edwards University

Austin Community College branches are located all over the city of Austin. Apartments are within a short distance of most locations. Figure out which branch you will be spending most of your time at and use that address to search for nearby apartments. The downtown location at 1212 Rio Grande Street will be the most difficult branch to find an apartment on a college student’s budget. So you may want to look near another location.

Given that you could be up a few floors, this is a housing option you’ll probably want Austin movers to help you with.

House Rentals

Renting a house is great option for students that have experience living on their own since home and yard maintenance will be required. This can be an expensive option if you want to live on your own. For those that have a few friends to roommate with a house could be an economical choice.

Keep in mind that the real estate industry has not only been stable in Austin, it’s been going strong compared to the rest of the country. Competition for well-priced homes could be high, especially homes near campuses. You’ll need to start your search well before the beginning of the semester.

The good news is, even around UT, which is close to the city center, there are a lot of homes for rent. Options include freestanding homes, garage apartments/studios and town-homes.

Fraternity and Sorority Houses

If you plan to pledge or are already a member of a fraternity or sorority at your current school, Greek housing is another option. However, depending on the chapter rules and room availability you may not be able to get a room in the house until you get through pledging, so freshmen should think of this as an option for next year.