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9 Benefits of Living in the Suburbs

A decade ago, cities put emphasis on revitalizing downtown areas and making them more livable. This made a lot of sense given that young Millennials had few family responsibilities and wanted to be close to the action downtown. Building condos downtown worked for cities during the recession because increasing the housing options required little investment […]

Living in Downtown Houston: Weeknight Adventures

Downtown Houston is nothing like what it used to be. The city has gone to great lengths (and spent more than $4 billion) to revitalize the area and to make it a desirable place to live. And they succeeded. Today, downtown Houston is a hot spot for urbanites that want to be in walking distance of world-class entertainment. […]

Finding A New Family Doctor After Moving

Few service providers are as important as your doctor. Your primary care physician is a trusted partner that understands your unique health needs and works with you to improve quality of life. When you need to move long distance, finding a new family doctor can be one of the most stressful parts of the relocation process. […]

Best Local Blogs to Read When Moving to Austin

When you’re new to an area or want to explore your sizeable hometown, some of the best resources are the bloggers that live there. Blogging has gotten so big in Austin a few local bloggers have received awards along with large readerships. If you’re looking for a little reading material on Austin you’ve come to […]

How to Find The Best School Districts When Moving

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When you have school-aged children nothing is more important when you’re moving than the nearby schools. After spending years getting to know your local schools – the leadership, the teachers, the facilities – now you’ve got to start all over again. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve had to compare and contrast schools or you’re […]

New Allergies After Moving: How & Why

“I didn’t have allergies before I moved.” That’s a phrase that’s more common than you’d think. It turns out there are a number of factors at play that could affect allergic reactions. Keep on reading to find out why you’re more susceptible to allergies after moving to a new city. New Environment, New Allergens In […]

How to Keep In Touch With Friends After Moving

Moving can be an extremely positive experience, but one thing no one looks forward to is leaving behind friends and family. It would be nice if we could pack everyone up and take them with us, but at least modern technology makes it easier to stay in touch. Use the tools and ideas below to […]

5 Best Apps For Connecting With Neighbors

At Square Cow Movers we leverage technology to make our moving services as productive as possible and improve customer relations. Lately, we’ve noticed many of our clients are doing the same thing in their neighborhood. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era everything is moving online and going mobile, even how we interact with our neighbors. There’s a lot […]

Top 7 Most Walkable Austin Neighborhoods

Walkability has become an influential factor in where some people live. Millennials in particular put high-value on being able to get around on foot rather than relying on a car. The trend has become so prominent that some new developments in suburban areas are putting emphasis on walkability. In Austin, the walkability trend has been […]

How to do a Thorough Deep Clean Before Leaving

One of the less glamorous parts of moving into a new home is cleaning up your old house. But if you want to get your entire security deposit back or have to make the home ready for sale it’s a necessary part of the process. However, a standard cleaning job usually doesn’t cut it. What you need […]