Mooving is a big deal environmentally. We know that better than anyone else. Getting from here to there takes a lot of fuel, and we go through a lot of boxes. Let’s rephrase that: we go through a ridiculous amount of boxes. So Square Cow Movers has partnered with a local Austin company to begin reducing our carbon footprint. We wouldn’t be Austinites otherwise, now would we?

This partnership enables us to provide you, the moovee, with plastic containers to use for packing. These containers replace your need for cardboard boxes. They are LIGHT (when empty), STURDY (tough as nails), and best of all “GREEN” (well, a lot of them are that color.)

Now, let’s say you have an affinity for cardboard or change doesn’t come easily to you. Ask about our used boxes (when in supply). We sell them at a reduced rate. Hey, we’re flexible.

Anyway, with our “green” containers, we will drop them off to you and then pick them up when you are all done! Heck, we will even pack your items for you if that’s what you want.

This is our first step towards being environmentally conscious and responsible. We don’t claim to have mastered “Green” moving but we’re well on our way. We have little square cow, just like anybody else, and we want to make sure we leave them a beautiful place to live once we’ve gone to the big pasture in the sky.

Be on the lookout for our next step to become the greenest cows around Austin. If you make some comment about green cows being sick cows, I swear, I’ll sit on you…