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Essential Tips for Moving in the Snow - Square Cow Moovers

Snow isn’t something our professional movers have had to contend with much in Texas. There the blistering heat of summer poses a bigger challenge. But when we expanded our operation to offer moving services in Denver we quickly learned a lot of tricks for working around frozen precipitation.

You can’t control the weather on moving day, but you can plan ahead to make moving in the snow a lot easier and safer. Here’s how!

Hire Professional Help

If ever there was a time when professional movers were worth every penny it’s moving in the snowy winter. Hiring a moving company will limit the time you have to spend out in the frigid cold and decrease your chances of injury. In snowy conditions it’s easy to lose your footing. Our movers are covered by worker’s comp. Your friends and family probably have health insurance, but they’ll still have to pay out of pocket if they get injured.

Stock Up on Plastic Sheeting

When it’s wet and snowy outside plastic sheeting is your best friend. You can use it to protect the flooring as you go in and out loading the truck so you aren’t left with a mess to clean up. Plastic sheeting can also be used to protect paintings, wood furniture and other moisture-sensitive items. If it’s snowing while you’re loading you’ll also want to cover moving blankets so they don’t end up getting your items wet. In a pinch plastic sheeting can be used to temporary plug up holes or gaps in the moving truck as well.

Stock Up on Snow Shoveling Supplies

Snowfall means one thing for certain – shoveling. In order to clear pathways and get vehicles down the road to the final destination you’ll need to have a shovel and sand or salt on hand.

Prevent Slips on Icy Pavement

One of the most dangerous aspects of moving in the snow is slipping on icy pavement. The first thing you’ll want to do is clear the walkways, driveway and street in front of your home. The snow is already creating a big enough obstacle without adding clutter and debris into the mix. Before the movers show up use your shoveling supplies to remove snow and lay down a layer of sand or salt. This will prevent ice from building up and creating unsafe conditions.

Dress in Layers

It may be cold out, but once you start hauling things in and out of a moving truck there’s a good chance you’ll work up a sweat. To prevent getting overheated take a tip from the local snowboarders and dress in layers. Wear a t-shirt under a long-sleeved shirt and top it off with a jacket.

Keep an Eye on Road Conditions and the Weather

During the winter season snow can change the road conditions in the matter of minutes. The last thing you want is to head out to the new location only to get stuck on the side of the road in route. Check with the local news stations for updates on the weather and area road conditions the day before your move. On moving day check again before you head out with the truck.

Keep a Lot of Old Rags Handy

Snow, sludge, salt, sand – they have a tendency to get all over everything. Instead of tossing your old rags and towels keep them around on moving day. They’ll come in handy when you need to wipe down your boots and boxes.

Plan Out Your Route to Avoid the Iciest Areas

If snow, sleet and frost are all around it can have a big affect on roads. You’ll want to carefully plan out a route that avoids the worst areas. For example, steer clear of fly-overs and bridges since they get iced over easily.

Use an Assembly Line Approach

Instead of having everyone moving boxes in and out of the house it may be better to use an assembly line approach. Arranging it so people inside are handing off boxes and items to people outside is faster, safer and cleaner. Switch out who works outside and inside so everyone gets a chance to warm up.

Have a Backup Moving Day

When a winter storm hits the conditions are often too perilous to attempt a move, even if it’s just across town. We always suggest that clients have a backup moving day planned in case the weather gets too wintery. Anytime the roads are impassible movers won’t risk it.

Need help moving during the winter months? Our moving crew is equipped to handle snowy weather conditions so your move stays on track. Give us a call or use the online form to get an instant moving quote!

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