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Some home improvements and renovations are much easier and less expensive to do before moving all of your things into a home. When the home’s vacant it’s a clean slate that’s wide open for your imagination to run freely! But which projects should you definitely knock out before moving day? We are giving you our suggestions on the top home improvements to make before moving in!

Floor Refinishing and Installation

This one makes obvious sense to anyone who’s had to store furniture during a renovation. Everything, and we mean everything, has to be moved out during a flooring project. If you plan to lay down real wood or tile that could mean up to a few days of trying to figure out where everything will stay while the new floors are installed.

Fencing Fixes and Additions

Need to wrangle kids and pets? Then fence fixes will need to be made before you get settled into your new home. Things can get hectic on moving day, so it’s nice to know you can let your pets and kids hang out in the yard where they’ll be safely contained and out of the way.


Painting is one of those projects that are simple and straightforward, but it can get messy… Instead of taking the time to move or cover all of the furniture in a room, get the painting done before moving to save yourself the hassle!

Removing Texture From the Walls and Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are no longer the norm (thank goodness), but it’s common in homes built prior to the 1990s. Wall texture is another home feature than some people would rather not have. Removing texture from the ceiling or walls can get dirty real quick, and it could contain asbestos. This improvement is much easier to complete and clean up when there’s nothing in the room.

Bathroom Updates

Being without a bathroom is one of the biggest inconveniences during a renovation. If you have a second bathroom that’s already updated then it isn’t much of an issue. However, if there’s only one bathroom in the home or both of the restrooms are getting a facelift, it’s better to get these done before everyone is living in the home.

Improving the Garage Floor

The garage will quickly become a catchall during the move if it isn’t being used as a place to park the car. That’s why painting, sealing and staining the garage floor is high on our list for improvements to make before moving into a home. If not, chances are this project will fall by the wayside since moving everything out of the garage won’t seem worth it to most people.

Add Organization to Closets

Closets are another spot that somehow end up getting cluttered before moving day is over. Once it’s packed full, it’s harder to see how to utilize the space for maximum storage. Getting them set up before moving day will help you make better use of your space and keep things better organized from day one!

Security Systems

Want to sleep a little easier on moving day? Then get all of your security equipment installed a few days before the move. In addition to installing an electronic security system, you may want to check all of the windows and doors, as well as changing the locks. If anything isn’t working right it should be replaced so you don’t have to worry about things being stolen after they’ve been hauled over to the new home.

One of our mottos is ‘why move things twice when you can get it done right the first time’. Our professional Central Texas movers can help you get everything moved in and put in place once the renovations are complete. Use the handy online form to get an instant moving quote!

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