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You might be the kind of person who doesn’t need a reason to have a party. In that case, when is your housewarming party and can we come? For the rest of us, we have a few reasons why you may find the effort of hosting a party in your new home valuable.

Inform friends and family of your new address

Whether you mail out invitations or send an e-vites, friends and family members will be alerted to your new address, saving you the step of sending out an additional change of address notice. This checks an item off the to-do list and ensures you won’t miss out on mail sent to your old address.

Get to know new neighbors

A housewarming party is the perfect event to invite neighbors to. When you greet a new neighbor while walking the dog, you can casually mention the get-together and invite your neighbor to drop by.

Incentive to unpack

Gives you a reaasin to empty boxes, clean your new home, hang art on the walls, and decorate. With an upcoming event, you are motivated to do all these tasks because you have a deadline.

Discover your new space

Hosting a party in your new home allows you to discover the advantages and flaws of your new space. How many people comfortably fit in the kitchen? Where do guests tend to gravitate? Thoughts you may have during the party include: That extra half bath really comes in handy or more seating on the patio would be helpful, etc.


We know that, generally, you’rre a humble person, but you should be proud of your new home, especially if you have done some work to make it your own. We’re not saying that showing off is the only reason to throw a housewarming party, but really…who wouldn’t want to display a home like yours?

Break-in your home

Many people have interesting customs and traditions that have to do with blessing a new home, like hanging a horseshoe over the door for good luck. Similar to breaking a bottle of champagne over the bow of a new ship to christen it, throwing a party with friends and family is a great way to break in your new home. Inviting your loved ones over for the first time makes your new house feel like home. A housewarming party signifies that this is a space where your community can gather and engage in a place that is both comfortable and relaxing.

Congratulations on your home! We hope that your housewarming party will be the first of many at your new place.

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