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moving friends

Remember the good old college days or your first move into a place of your own? When you and a few friends somehow managed to finagle the couch through the front door without damaging the frame too much and then celebrated with a pizza afterward.

It’s time once again to make a move so you break out the trusty contact list looking for anyone with a truck and brut strength. Just before you call the first friend you remember the last time you got a similar call. You were more than happy to help your friend move, but boy was it exhausting. Not to mention for the next few days your back was killing you. Maybe, you think, it’s time for a real move this time.

Trust us – your friends, family and potentially your wallet will be happy you called a professional moving company for these reasons:


Professional Movers Are Insured

Peace of mind is priceless during a move. And that’s what hiring a reputable mover will give you since they are fully insured. From packing everything up to transporting all your worldly possessions to getting it all unloaded and in your new home the moving company’s insurance will keep you protected from any potential loss.


You’ll be Liable if a Friend or Family Member Gets Hurt

This directly relates to the point above. Moving requires a lot of physically demanding labor, lifting heavy objects, going up and down stairs, etc. The likelihood for getting injured is somewhat high. Professional movers are covered by workers comp and/or health insurance if they get injured on the job. However, if a friend or family member hurts themselves you might be on the hook to help with the medical costs. An injury is also a quick way to put a friendship on the rocks.


The Pros Know How to Pack and Move Things Safely

There’s a real art to moving services like packing up boxes and loading a truck. The more you know the less likely it is that things will be broken, damaged or lost. It will also be more efficient and less time consuming. Again, professional movers are covered and in the event that something were to get broken they’ll make it right with you. If a friend or family member accidentally breaks or damages something usually you just have to chock it up as a loss.


You Aren’t Asking Movers to Volunteer Their Free Time

In today’s busy world free time is a treasured thing. It’s a person’s time to unwind, enjoy what they like most and spend time with loved ones. Asking someone to volunteer their free time is never an easy thing. Because they’re your friend they’ll likely help out, but don’t blame them if they’re less enthused about it than you are.


Movers Won’t Ask You to Return the Favor

When you ask a friend or family for moving help and they accept it’s an unwritten rule that you have just agreed to return the favor whenever they ask. If you don’t, you’ll need to do serious damage control.


If you’re making a move in Austin or the Houston area give Square Cow Movers a call. Our guys are super friendly, but they are also highly professional and can get your move handled more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/why-using-friends-to-move-can-really-cost-you/