What is the motivation behind Square Cow Movers? What mooves us?  The foundation of our company is based upon our integrity and ethics.  This leads our desire to serve our clients and others around us.  We want to offer more than just a favorable mooving experience, we want our clients to feel respected and important. Not only did we want to create an honest company that would help get you and your things from Point A to Point B, we want to bring back the values of a service-based company.

When creating Square Cow Movers, we were inspired by other great companies like Chick-fil-A, Southwest Airlines, H-E-B and Apple.  Outstanding books like Good to Great, Great by Choice, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and The Go-Getter continue to influence our outlook and strategy.  Extraordinary leaders like Dave Ramsey and Bobby Jenkins (a local leader) encourage us to manage our business and employees with a servants’ heart and the highest ethical standards.

When you call Square Cow Movers, we answer the phone by asking, “How may I serve you?”  We want every step of your journey with us to reflect our values and quality of service, beginning with the first words we say to you over the phone.  Because we know, our first interaction with you sets the standard for your entire Square Cow Movers experience.

We realize that we are a company performing a service for our customers, but we want this to be more than just a business transaction, where money is exchanged for a service.  We want to leave a lasting impression, where our name stands out. It’s imperative that you not only remember us as a “good” moving company, but as a standard against which others in the industry are measured.  Simple phrases like “How may I serve you” and “Yes ma’m” express our level of commitment to moving far beyond your expectations.

Lately we have been talking a lot with folks about what it means to incorporate the human element back into a business in today’s digital age. Our clients are not just numbers to us (not to sound like every sappy bank commercial out there, but it’s true). The mark of a great company is not just about providing excellent service. We also know we make mistakes from time to time, and we make darn sure that we go above and beyond to make things right. Yes, we want to provide for our families and we have the desire to continually improve and build upon our successes, but the motivation behind Square Cow Movers is about honoring ourselves and others through creating an honest and ethical company.  Material things may come and go, but the reputation we have earned and that we hope to continue being worthy of, is of the utmost importance to us.

To take it one step further, our interaction with our clients does not end at the end of the move. We send out individual emails to each one of your clients at the completion of each job and take into account every response. We constantly look at our policies and methods based on what our clients have to say about us while encouraging a continuing conversation. Whether you want to pick up the phone, email us or engage with us on social media, we are always happy and ready to talk with you.

Our honor, integrity and values are the guiding principles behind Square Cow Movers.  Moving can be a stressful time and we want you to know that you can entrust us with your valuable objects and the contents of your home.  Square Cow Movers was born out of our family’s own need for a reliable and service-based moving company.  You may not need a moving company right now, but we want to continue to establish a relationship with members of the community, so that when the need arises or a friend or family member needs a recommendation of a moving company, we want to be the first name out of your mouth.

Thank you for reading the Square Cow Movers Blog and for giving us the opportunity to share our hearts about our company values.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/what-mooves-us