As 2016 is winding down, we look toward 2017 for the newest interior and home design trends. If you are moving into a new home this fall or simply redecorating this season, you will want to keep these trends in mind.


Classics like gold, silver, copper and bronze never really go out of style, but at different points certain metallics are more popular than others. The warmer hues of gold, copper, bronze and rose gold are currently having a moment. Small metallic accent pieces in these hues like a decorative item or a light fixture will help bring a modern metallic finish to your home.

Dark Green

For the past several years grey has reigned supreme as the neutral color du jour. A dark green wall or sofa would be a lovely accent to add depth and bring a natural color indoors. A dark green bedroom would be a peaceful retreat while dark green velvet throw pillows would contrast nicely with a mainly grey interior.


Many of us spend hours per day staring at a screen both for work and for after-work enjoyment. In fact, you are starting at a screen right now while reading this! The medium may vary from computer screen to TV screen to phone screen, but all these screens have us longing for an escape from the high tech. We predict that people will want a screen-free space to retreat to.  This escapism trend translates to interior design in the form of peaceful nooks, tranquil bedrooms and spaces that calm with fewer distractions.

Vintage Made Modern

Shows like Mad Men and the trend for vintage shopping have helped spur on a love and demand for pieces reminiscent of another era like mid-century modern.The only issue is that there is a finite amount of vintage furniture. Not every vintage piece of furniture will survive its era and remain functional. What remains is in demand and often only at a higher price point. The result is that contemporary furniture makers produce modern pieces that mimic past trends, so you will find vintage style pieces with a modern flair. These pieces are easier to find, more affordable and of the moment!

Decorating with your own take on modern trends will help make your home feel unique, up-to-date and like a space where your family wants to spend time together at the end of the day.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/upcoming-fall-design-trends-homes-interior/