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It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Is that a sigh I just heard? Cleaning is often seen as domestic drudgery that no one really wants to do. If that weren’t the case, house cleaning services wouldn’t exist.

But don’t let the idea of an extensive cleaning fest get you down. These dopamine-producing cleaning tips will make getting your home spruced up for spring more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Put Together an Upbeat Music Mix

It’s amazing what a few tunes can do. Musical beats are hardwired into our brains to make us feel better. Researchers have discovered that listening to music produces dopamine in the brain, a feel-good hormone that makes us happy. Listening to any music while you clean will help, but including a mix of upbeat tunes is even better. Your body will naturally react to the faster rhythms and increase positive vibes as our nervous system becomes more engaged in the music.

Have Fun Getting Supplies

Need a little retail therapy? Then have fun putting together a shopping list of fun cleaning supplies. Add a few extras like aprons, colorful gloves, and mop slippers along with the cleaners and sponges. Have even more fun by playing dress up like maids and butlers on cleaning day. Getting everything ready before you start cleaning will also make things easier and faster, thus more enjoyable.

Scheduling Fun Reward Breaks

People tend to work harder and are motivated to do so when they know their efforts will be rewarded. Work in a short break every hour or two that incorporates some sort of reward. It could be a tasty ice cream sandwich or 15 minutes of YouTube time – it’s whatever you want. Come up with a few creative rewards that can be enjoyed in about 10-20 minutes so you don’t get completely side-tracked.

Time Yourself

When you schedule in breaks you can also consider what you want to get done in a certain amount of time. Set goals for each cleaning block and track your progress to see how well you do.

Have a Little Friendly Competition

If you’re timing yourself why not add a little competition into the mix? Get the entire family on board to see who can get the most done in a set amount of time or come up with your own cleaning challenges. Also establish an additional reward for the winner so everyone is motivated to get cleaning.

Create a Star Board for Your Cleaning List

Remember getting a star by your name in kindergarten when you accomplished a task? There’s something so satisfying about that shiny star sticker. Get a poster board and write out all of the spring cleaning chores along with the person who is responsible for handling the task. Whenever a chore is completed they get a star next to their name.

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Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/unique-ways-to-make-spring-cleaning-more-entertaining/