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Don’t let all those chores pile up throughout the week and then have to spend your entire Saturday cleaning.  Check out these Square Cow Movers cleaning hacks to speed up your cleaning routine!

Clean Floor Dance Party – Put some of those Clorox wipes underneath your hooves (or feet) and dance around the kitchen/bathroom/whichever rooms have tile floors and get to work on both your cleaning and your cardio!  Wringing out a mop is hard whether you have hands or hooves, so we just prefer to turn chore time into crazy dance party time!

Laundry Basket Technique – If you do this simple technique for a few minutes at the end of every day, you will save yourself from one long day of cleaning.  Before you go to bed, grab an empty laundry basket and make your way through the rooms in your house.  As you go into a room put away everything that belongs in that room and put anything that doesn’t belong in that room into the laundry basket.  After a quick run through of your house, everything will be put away in its rightful place!

Windex Trick – When cleaning the mirrors in your bathroom with Windex, don’t stop there!  Windex is also great for cleaning the bathroom counters.  As an added bonus you will use less paper towels, just use the same paper towel to clean the mirror and countertop.  If you have company coming over and only have a few minutes to clean, spend two minutes Windexing your guest bathroom mirror and counter top.  Your guests will be impressed with your sparkling clean bathroom.

Fluff the Rugs – Washing bathroom rugs can take awhile.  The heavy rugs must be washed separately and take even longer to completely dry.  Additionally, frequent washing can be damaging to your rugs over time.  You probably know the old flip the rug to the other side trick, but fluffing the rugs is another trick you can add to your toolbox.  If you need to refresh your rugs in a flash, just toss them in the dryer for a few minutes and they will come out fresh and fluffed.

Clean the Shower and Yourself – Kill or rather clean two birds with one stone!  Simply take your shower scrubbing implements and cleaner (Vinegar+Water Solution) into the shower with you and go to town!  It can be awkward trying to clean the shower when you don’t want to get wet.  Just go ahead and combine your nightly shower with a mini-cleaning session and you both will be sparkling in no time.  Just make sure to clean yourself last, so you don’t have any cleaning agent residue on your skin.

Skip the Ironing – I don’t know if there is any chore more hated than the ironing.  You either have to plan your outfits far in advance or give yourself enough time to iron a shirt before you walk out the door in the morning.  Instead of plugging in the ol’ iron, waiting for it to heat up, etc., just take the article of clothing on a hanger into the bathroom while you shower.  The steam from the shower should help some of the wrinkles in your garment fall out!

Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/takens/5687744617

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