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Pets get just as stressed out as their owners during a move. For exotic animals that can’t be transported easily it can be a real shock to the system. Luckily, Square Cow Movers knows a thing or two about safely getting out of the norm pets to their new homes.

Tips for Moving Different Types of Exotic Pets



Being cold-blooded doesn’t mean your reptiles aren’t loving creatures, but it will require a unique transportation set up. Make sure the carrier is large enough for them to move around in and doesn’t have a lot of extra objects that could potentially hurt them while they’re being moved.

Put damp towels in the carriers of reptiles that need a wet environment. All venomous pets will need to be double-boxed and the outer box will need to be clearly labeled.

Big Animals


Sizeable exotic animals like llamas will need their own special transportation. Plan well in advance for having an appropriate trailer available. Look for one that has good ventilation, adequate cover from the elements and enough room for the animals to move around comfortably.



Birds can be very sensitive creatures that can get stressed out easily. Transporting them in the best cage possible can greatly reduce their stress levels. Find a cage that’s appropriate for the mode of travel you’ll be taking and get a cage cover. Also keep food and water on hand along with their favorite toys.

Some birds, like peacocks, aren’t cage-dwellers and can’t be transported as such.  Like larger exotic animals, you’ll need to secure a trailer to safely transport bigger birds.

Nocturnal Animals


You’ll probably be making your move during daylight hours so take the time of day into consideration if you have nocturnal animals. The move can cause them stress since it will be messing up their sleep schedule. Do what you can to help them cope and get the shut-eye they need. Buy treats to appease them and get a cover for their cage if you don’t already have one.

Know the Laws for Exotic Pets Before Moving

Your new home may be in an area with different regulations for what animals are allowed, or you may need to gain a special license to have the animal in your home.

Every area has their own sets of rules and regulations when it comes to animals. It’s best to put this at the top of your moving priority list, because it can affect your move and possibly your pet’s living situation.

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