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Staying on your regular schedule during a move can be difficult, especially if you’re a senior citizen with a set health regimen or you have young children that are just getting into a routine. Moves are anything but business as usual from the time you start planning your packing to the time you get into your new home. But there are ways to minimize the disruption and stay on a slightly modified schedule.

Keep reading to get tips on how to maintain as regular a schedule as possible and get back into the swing of things once you’re in your new home.


Plan in Advance

Before you lay out your moving schedule sit down with your calendar. Look at the coming months between now and when you need to be in your new home, first noting any big events that are on the horizon. Are these things that can be postponed until after the move or are they set in stone? Push back anything that can be rescheduled so you have less to work around. Big moving milestones like packing the truck and unloading will need to be scheduled when you can dedicate the entire day to the move.

Next, take a look at your regular daily and weekly schedule. Take the move one step at a time by doing small tasks each day during your free time. This is the best way to avoid cutting into your normal routine. Keep in mind that the farther out in advance that you plan your move the less likely it is to disrupt your regular daily routine.


Hire Professional Help

Handing off part of the work is the easiest way to maintain your regular schedule during a move. A professional moving company can do all of the packing, loading and unloading, or they can take care of just one element of the move when you’re short on time.


Set Alarms for Medications

For important, must-do parts of your daily routine like taking medications at a certain time set an alarm on the days when moving is going to cut into your regular schedule. That way when you’re busy you’ll have a reminder to stop what you’re doing and stay on track with your medications.


Try to Move Medications to the Mornings

Whenever possible take medications in the morning before you get busy with your day-to-day moving tasks. Just keep in mind if you’re sleeping schedule is affected by the move you may have to make adjustments for when you take your medication as well.


Keep Prescription Medications and Necessities Handy at All Times

There are lots of things that can be packed up well in advance, but there are a few things that will never truly get packed away. Medications, baby formulas, health monitors – these type of vital necessities need to stay with you at all times so you don’t get out of your health routines.


Substitute a Regular Workout for Moving Chores

Like to work out a certain number of days in the week? Many of the to-dos associated with a move are physically demanding and will make you work up a sweat. You can easily substitute/forgo a workout on the days when you’ll be packing, loading or unloading for more than an hour or so.


Start Unpacking Right Away

Nothing can throw a wrench in your regular routine gears like living in a disorganized house. Have a room-by-room plan for unpacking starting with your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. From there, plan to unpack at least one room a day until it’s all done. If you’re getting help from a moving company you can make this easier on yourself by getting them to put all the boxes in their corresponding rooms. This will require that you label all of the boxes and give the movers a quick rundown of any rooms that may be ambiguous.


Let Square Cow Movers help you stay on schedule during your move! Our team can help you plan everything out from start to finish and take a lot of the work off your hands so you can go about your business like normal! Call today to get a free moving quote!

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