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Is Summer the Best Time to Relocate a Business

Summer is the season when most families choose to make a move, but what about businesses? Over the years we’ve helped countless companies move a business from one neighborhood or city to the next. Along the way we’ve picked up pointers that have helped us make our own decisions about when to relocate or move into a new office.

Below is a look at the best advice and tips we’ve learned that can help you decide if summer is the best time to relocate your business.

What Your Business Does is the Biggest Factor

The top consideration that can determine whether summer is the best time to relocate is what your business does. For example, summer isn’t the best choice for any business within the travel or hospitality industry. You’ll lose money because the move will cut into your biggest season for revenue generation. The same goes for moving companies. That’s our busiest season so it’s not really the best time to try to work in a move of our own.

However, if your company makes LED Christmas lights, summer may prove to be the best time to minimize operation disruption.

Project Deadlines

If your company has a number of deadlines to hit during the summer, you may not want to add another project to your plate. That is, unless you determine moving to another facility or location will help you get things done on time. This is often the case if you’ve outgrown your space and can’t meet higher demand with your current setup.

Employees Taking Summer Vacations

The summer months, especially around holidays like Fourth of July and Labor Day, are when many families take vacations. Past surveys from Gallup have found that July is when the most people plan to take a trip. Employees being gone on vacation can be a pro or a con during a business move.

When employees are already out of the office, productivity loss is less of a concern. However, if anyone involved with the move has a vacation planned you may need to work around that.

Better Weather Conditions

Heat aside, summer tends to be better for any type of move because of the weather. There’s no chance of snow causing dangerous driving conditions and the chance of rain is lower as well. This can be an important factor if you’re transporting equipment that’s susceptible to moisture or cold temperatures.

You’ll also need to factor in where you’re moving to and from. Even during the summer, some areas have unique circumstances to contend with, like hurricane season.

Added Expense of Summer Moving

Moving a business during the summer isn’t going to be the cheapest option. Gas prices tend to be higher, and because moving companies are busy, you won’t likely get a reduced rate or special offers. It may also be more difficult to move on the weekend unless you schedule well in advance.

Of course, sometimes outside forces dictate when a business moves. A great space could become available, and you have to strike while the iron’s hot. Economic factors can also make a move necessary regardless of the season.

Call us today to get expert advice on when moving will be best for your business. Our moving consultants can help you plan a business move so it minimizes the cost and impact on your productivity.

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