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Who Benefits from the 39th Annual Settlement Home for Children Garage and Estate Sale?
For the last two years, Square Cow Movers has donated trucks and movers to help The Settlement Home for Children move one of the largest garage sales in Austin (probably all of Texas even) from their warehouse to the Palmer Events Center. All year long the Settlement Home gathers donations – cataloging, documenting and tagging each item.  Each year this thing gets bigger and better. We sent more guys and trucks last year than the year before  and we can’t wait send even more this year than last. It’s the perfect philanthropy for us, since the three things we have in spades are:


1) Big, fancy moving trucks
2) Strong dudes
3) Borderline OCD organization skills


It’s kinda perfect for us. But we also volunteer because we love how much this particular event benefits so many people. The Settlement Home for Children exists for kids who don’t have a home. They are the defenders of orphans and abused kids, and this garage sale funds a huge chunk of what the Settlement Home does for these children. What’s more, the Settlement Home sponsors education programs for adults looking to adopt or foster or mentor.


Despite the fact that the garage sale is such a big source of revenue for the Settlement Home, they recognize what this opportunity means for the lower income sectors of Greater Austin and give back to those folks as well. They call it The Giving for Living program. The Settlement Home provides more than 50 non-profits with $25 vouchers (lots of them). These non-profits then hand these vouchers out to those in need of essential items they could purchase from the garage sale. The website for the Settlement Home also announced:


“For two years, we have adopted Lanier High School as part of our Giving for Living program. We provided each Lanier High School student with a shopping certificate to spend on Sunday at the Garage & Estate Sale.”


This is an opportunity to give so much to so many folks in need, regardless of their situation. We say all this because we invite all of our readers to come to the garage sale this year. If you can, volunteer. They need folks to to run the booths, take tickets, sell, keep things organized, etc. Or, go and shop. It’s a garage sale after all. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right? And if you don’t need anything, maybe ask your church or local shelter what you could buy on their behalf.


Family plays a big a part in the Square Cow story. Wayne, our patriarch, has 12 grandkids, one of which is adopted. Derek claims four of those as his, and Wade wrangles another three. We are blessed at Square Cow with continued growth and prosperity both at work and at home.This excites us because it means, every year, that we get to do more for our community. Austin is our home, and we are proud to serve our neighbors. Join us, let’s get moving Austin!


This year, the 39th Annual Settlement Home for Children Garage and Estate Sale will be held November 7th-9th. CLICK HERE to learn more about the event and how to get involved>>


See Y’all There! Moo!


Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/square-cow-movers-the-settlement-home-for-children/