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National Girl Scout Day highlights the importance that the organization has played in the lives of girls for 102 years. The founder Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low felt that for girls to fully develop it was important that they get out of the household and out in their community as well as into nature. This well-rounded involvement helps girls to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Girl Scouts

From the littlest Daisies to young Brownies to the girls that move through the different levels of being a scout, along the way badges must be earned. These badges represent skills that scouts have learned and accomplishments that have been made as girls move from one membership level to the next. Below are some of the Girl Scout badges that relate to moving and cows!

Daisy Clover – Use Resources Wisely Badge

The smallest scouts earn their Clover petal badge by showing that they’ve learned how to be resourceful while making a collage. Resourcefulness is something all of our moving cows need to get the job done.

Brownie House Elf Badge

Keeping the house green and clean are important skills that are taught when a girl takes the step to earn this badge. Making sure everything is spick and span before moving out of a home is a must.

Brownie Pets Badge

Brownies that earn this badge have learned how to take care of pets and keep them healthy at home. When moving these skills will definitely come in handy since pets can go through emotional stress.

Junior Girl Scout Gardener Badge

In Texas the exterior of a home is as much a livable space as the inside. When you move taking your plants with you isn’t always possible, but Girl Scouts that earn the Gardener Badge will know how to prep their plants before a move.

Junior Girl Scout Animal Habitats Badge

Checking animals out in their natural environment is the focus of this badge. For girls that like farm animals, studying grazing cows is a great option.

Cadette Woodworker Badge

Fixing things up before you move out or handling a few DIY projects after you move in is a snap for Girl Scouts that have earned the Woodworker Badge.

Senior Girl Scout Room Makeover Badge

Making a move often means putting on your interior designer cap. The Room Makeover Badge will teach scouts the basics of design concepts through projects like painting a room.

Senior Girl Scout Voice for Animals Badge

Animal appreciation is important to us at Square Cow Movers and to the scouts that earn the Voice for Animals Badge. Girls will learn about all the ways that animals factor into our lives and how we can protect them.

The whole herd at Square Cow Movers applauds all the good work the Girl Scouts and their troop leaders do year after year. Here’s to you Girl Scouts of America!

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/4hermans

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