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SCM Pet peeveWe don’t normally like to complain, in fact, we would rather pay a compliment; for example, Square Cow Movers Fans are the best looking, nicest, kindest, smartest people out there.  If we haven’t flattered you yet, you may need to re-evaluate a few things. 😉  All kidding aside, complaining is not something we are in the practice of doing.  Our mama taught us to two important things, “count your blessings” and “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.  Despite our ideal upbringing, we are willing to bend a few rules (only for you of course) in honor of Pet Peeve Week.  Pet Peeve Week occurs in the second week of October.  If you have ever wondered what grinds a cow’s gears keep on reading.

-No Manners. Good manners and customer service are huge pillars of our best business practices.  We even wear shirts that say “Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, No Problem, My Pleasure”.  Perhaps people without manners didn’t have mamas as good as ours, but we can guarantee that you will catch more flies with honey and more cows with some sweet corn.  Whether you are interacting with humans or cows, don’t forget the magic words, please and thank you.

-Lawn Mowers. While lawn mowers help to keep your yards nice and tidy, we can’t stand it when people waste all that good grass. We know the HOA will send you a citation if you let your grass get too high, but there is another solution.  Let the cows graze on your grass.  Your lawn will be kept short, while we enjoy a refreshing snack.  Some neighborhoods have wised up to the benefits of animal grazing over lawn mowing.  Weekly a neighborhood will rotate some goats, no lawn mowing required.  Those lucky goats.

-Burger Joints and Steak Houses.  Hopefully, we don’t have to elaborate too much on this one.  We can thank those Chick-fil-a cows for helping to educate the public about our shared plight.

-Lactose Intolerance.  How can anyone be allergic to milk and dairy products?  Next to our mooving expertise, milk is our greatest gift to mankind.  Ice cream, cakes, cookies, cheese, think of all the great things you can make with milk!  One time we met a lactose intolerant cow, how is that even possible?

-Airplane Seats. You would be hard pressed to find someone who likes airplane seats.  These shrinking seats just get tinier and tinier.  Not to be indelicate, but for the bovine with a rather large behind these seats are super uncomfortable.  Not to mention that tray tables and airplane lap belts were clearly not designed with udders in mind.

-Non-square and Unspotted Vehicles. This may be more of a style preference than a pet peeve, but we can’t imagine driving around in anything besides a Square Cow Moover truck.  Our trucks are simply the best form of transportation around.

-Dishonesty.  Our other leading principles are honesty and hard work.  We can’t stand it when others don’t honor their word or mislead someone.  We believe that our service is priceless, because there are some things money can’t buy…like manners, morals and integrity.

What are some of your pet peeves?

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