Tools That Make Moving Heavy Equipment Easier

forkliftAppliances, office equipment, tractors; our Texas moving company comes across a lot of heavy items every day. These types of items pose a number of unique logistical problems, and safety is always a key concern. Moving heavy stuff is one of those times when the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’ definitely applies. Working smarter means using the right tools to make moving heavy equipment much easier.


Wheels usually make things much easier to move, and this tool is exactly like it sounds. Machine skates have a square or rectangular platform with wheels at each corner. Skates are placed under appliances and heavy machinery so that they can glide and slide across the floor instead of having to be picked up and carried. For better control, look for steerable skates that have a detachable handle and 360 degree rotation.

Roller Skids

Roller skids are very similar to skates with one big differentiation. Roller skids are specialty built so that they can be bolted to heavy machinery. A forklift or toe jack can be used to lift the equipment up so that the roller skids can be slid into place. Once the machine is lowered back down the skids are affixed to the machinery so that it can be pushed around and moved where needed. MultiRoll is a leading manufacturer for roller skids. They have a number of products that can move equipment that ranges anywhere from 2,500 to 35,000 pounds.

Toe Jacks

As mentioned above a toe jack can come in handy for anyone that doesn’t have a forklift at their disposal. Toe jacks are used to lift up the corners of heavy machinery so that skates or roller skids can be placed underneath.

Air Bearings

For heavy equipment, with rates in the tons, movers often enlist the help of air bearings. An air compressor is used to inflate bearing elements that are connected to a platform, which is placed under the equipment. Thanks to the continuous airflow, equipment is lifted and literally floats across the floor. Air bearing systems are especially ideal for machinery and equipment with uneven weight distribution.

Hand Truck Dollies

For equipment and machinery that isn’t over-sized but is extremely heavy, a hand truck dolly is a great solution. If you’ve ever made a move you’ve probably seen this piece of equipment. However, you may not realize that there are different types of dollies. The load capacity is a key feature, but some dollies are built for specific purposes as well. For example, there are furniture dollies and machinery dollies as well as appliance dollies that have a sufficient height for bracing tall items like refrigerators.

Moving Truck or Flat Bed

Large equipment, appliances and furniture pieces will require more than a long-bed truck to betransported to a new location. Anytime you need to move heavy equipment across a long distance you’ll need a moving truck or a flat bed with tie downs.

Moving heavy equipment is a skill that is always best left to professional movers. One mistake can end up costing you thousands of dollars or cause a serious injury. At Square Cow Movers we’re experienced in helping individuals and businesses with all their moving needs. Give us a call or use the online form to get an instant moving quote for transporting heavy machinery and equipment.

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