moving dolly - Square Cow Moovers

When you hear the word “dolly” is the first thing that comes to mind a child’s cuddly plaything?  Your mental image wouldn’t be incorrect, but that’s not the kind of dolly Square Cows use.  Moving dollies are some of our most important tools.  They enable us to more easily and safely move heavy furniture and awkward objects without hurting ourselves or damaging the things we are moving.  Just like any tradesman (or cow) we have to use the right tool for the right task.  There are several different types of moving dollies.  Furniture dollies are used for transporting furniture over short distances.  If you see a dolly that is a wooden rectangle with carpet-covered sides with four wheels, this is a furniture dolly.  Moving dollies, also known as appliance dollies, come in two main forms.  The first type of moving dolly has two wheels, a tall handle that also serves as a support, and a smaller foot that the item can rest on.  This dolly works by being pushed under the object and tilted back so the Square Cow can haul the heavier item.  The second type has a long rectangular base and four wheels.  This one is mainly used for dishwashers, washers and dryers.  Next time Square Cow movers come to your home, you can impress us with your dolly knowledge!