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When you’re looking at items in the store, you’d think that putting together IKEA furniture would be an easy process. You’d think. The Scandinavian designs are typically modern day pieces that are more simple than they are intricate. However, they can be deceptively difficult to assemble.

IKEA’s difficult furniture assembly process has become so notorious that pop culture has made a running joke out of it. There’s a video game called Höme Improvisåtion that replicates the complicated frustration that is building IKEA furniture. Couples therapy is also incorporating IKEA furniture builds as a way of getting people to work through their issues and communicate better. The struggle to build IKEA furniture was even spoofed on 30 Rock.

If you plan to take a trip to IKEA before moving into a Houston Midtown condo or new home in Round Rock, TX this survival guide will help you prepare before you find new furniture. Because we’re sure you’ll want to get to work assembling it all as soon as you get home.

Mentally Prepare

Until you see the flat box that holds the components that will somehow become a piece of future it’s difficult to fully understand how difficult things are about to become. Set aside an ample amount of time, put on your favorite playlist and accept that the build project may be trying at times as you attempt to decipher directions with nothing but pictures.

But you’ll get through it, especially if you take the following tips into consideration.

Call on Your Handy Friends

The cost effective ready-to-assemble furniture requires labor. It’s the trade-off that can make or break whether IKEA furniture is really a good investment.

People that have assembled IKEA furniture before, or that are handy in general, stand a much better chance of getting through the process without mentally breaking down. An experienced craftsman will minimize the possibility of installing something backwards or putting a peg in the wrong place. Especially people that are good at decrypting pictographs.

Important note: Let your handy friend take the lead. Be the best assistant ever, and give them the reigns so that you don’t just confuse the process.

The Tools to Use

Part of the biggest issue with IKEA furniture is trying to construct something using the tools provided in the kit. You’re better off getting a few extra tools of your own. Like these:

To avoid over-tightening screws (and splitting fiberboard), keep the screwdriver on its lowest setting. Just screw hardware in until the head is flush with the furniture piece.

Inventory Your Items

IKEA will give you all the hardware you need for assembly, but it’s easy to mistake one piece for another and not realize it until it’s too late. You can circumvent hardware issues by taking inventory of all your build items before you begin. You’ll also know right off the bat whether a piece was accidentally left out of the package. It’s a good idea to have a few plastic bags or containers handy for holding all the bits and pieces so nothing gets lost once the building gets underway.

Make a Workspace

Clear out enough space to work in the room where the furniture will live. There are likely to be many pieces that need to be laid out, which can require a fair amount of room. It’s also best to minimize moving furniture from IKEA after it’s assembled. Building the furniture where you plan to put it is a big help.

Don’t let the ready-to-assemble building process get the best of you. IKEA furniture looks good in the showroom, and with these five survival guide tips it will look just as attractive in your own home. No mental breakdown required.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/ikea-furniture-survival-kit/