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Booking movers

Hiring a professional mover well ahead of time is important, but when is the best time to book? This answer will vary based on a number of factors including what needs to be moved, when it needs to be moved and who is doing the moving.

Seasonal Affects on Scheduling

Like many other industries, the moving business experiences high and low periods. The busiest season by far is summer when more people are buying new homes. If you plan to move on a weekend in the summer then you need to book at least 3-4 weeks in advance. For moves during the week in the summer 2-3 weeks in advance should be fine.

Another seasonal consideration is the holidays. There aren’t as many people moving, but companies will be taking more time off. Call at least a few weeks in advance during the holiday season to figure out which dates will work best.

The Quality of Service and Scheduling

Want to lock in the best movers possible? Then schedule your move as soon as you have a firm date. The longer you procrastinate the lower the level of service you will likely have, because the good companies get booked first. You may also be limited by what equipment is available, or you may have to adjust your schedule if you want to work with a particular company. When you book movers well in advance, you’ll get the provider you want and have more time to work out the details, which should make the process go a lot smoother.

The Amount You Have to Move

If you have a big family and/or a large amount of stuff, this should be considered before deciding when you need to schedule a mover. Manypeople with larger homes find that booking mid-week gives them time to unpack through the weekend so they can get settled in with less stress and take minimal time off work. The movers may also be able to supply more man or truck power mid-week since less people are moving.

Special Needs or Specialty Items

Moves that require a special mode of transport, equipment or personnel need to be scheduled further in advance to ensure everything is lined up. Examples include moving over-sized items, delicate heirlooms and specialty items like a pool table. It’s best to give your preferred mover a call about four weeks before the move to work out all the logistics.

The Flexibility of Your Timeline

Last minute moves are sometimes unavoidable, but many people will have a month or so to get everything lined up. If there is a specific day that you need to move on get the movers scheduled at least a few weeks out even in the off-season. Want to move on the weekend? That’s the plan for most people, so play it safe and book the movers for a weekend at least two weeks in advance. The more flexible you are with your move date the longer you can wait to schedule.

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