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While many horse owners are used to trailering their horse several hours, there may come a time when you’ll need to move your horse a much longer distance.  This could be because of a move you will be making to another state and you’ll be taking your horse with you, or you may be purchasing a horse that lives in another part of the country.   If you have the time and the truck/trailer to do so, you can certainly trailer your horse yourself, but there are many benefits to using a professional horse hauling company.

side unloading - Square Cow Moovers“A horse in a trailer is constantly working and using energy to maintain his balance,” says Carolyn Stull, PhD, of the University of California–Davis, who has done extensive research on the effects of trailering horses on horses.  Stull compares it to mild jogging or trotting. One of the major reasons to use a professional horse hauling company is that, like professional residential and commercial movers, they have all the “right stuff” to minimize stress and strain on your most prized possession – your horse:

It’s understandable that horse owners have concerns when it comes to transporting their horses.  Make sure your horse hauling company is licensed and insured, has quality people driving and looking after your horse, and is willing to provide you with references.

Guest Post Provided By: Classic Equine Equipment