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Selling your home before your next move?  Putting your home on the market is no easy task—hiring a realtor, fixing any flaws, updating your home, staging your home all occur before anyone even looks at your home.  Having potential buyers tour your home can be nerve-wracking as you make sure everything is clean and put away to showcase your home’s best side.  When someone comes to look at your home during the nights or the weekends, where do you go?  Realtors advise being away from the property when potential buyers view your home so they have the freedom to get a sense of the space and express their own opinions.  With you and your family elsewhere, a realtor can do what they do best—showcase your home to potential buyers and hopefully, make the sale!

If you have little ones cleaning the house and getting the heck out of dodge quickly can be a challenge.  A realtor might call to show your house at any time, especially on nights or weekends when most people have free time to search for homes.  Here are a few suggestions of where to go when buyers tour your home.


The library isn’t always the best solution because it may close earlier in the evenings, but check your local library’s hours.  You may be surprised to find your library is open later on a few select days during the week.  The best part about the library is that it is free, no spending required!  If potential buyers come before bedtime, you can begin the bedtime process by reading your little ones a bedtime story at the library.  Visiting the library frequently while your home is on the market is also a great way to encourage reading. Libraries have more than just books.  Don’t forget to check out the DVD or music section. Some libraries even have games and gaming systems available for check out.

A Neighbor’s Home 

If you are friends with a neighbor who doesn’t mind drop-in guests, you may ask if you can drop by when potential buyers come to tour your home.  Going to a neighbor’s home will make your disappearing act much easier.  Your neighbor might even be willing to let you and your family hang out on their patio or in their backyard to read a book or check emails for the duration of the home tour. This makes your ask to your neighbor easier to accept, so your neighbor’s home doesn’t always have to be ready for company.


Home tours that happen during daylight hours are a great excuse to go to the park.  Kids can enjoy going crazy in an open space, playing on a playscape or playing basketball or other games, if there are facilities.  Adults have a great opportunity to work out by doing a few laps around the park.


Usually, you have to figure out when you will have time to fit in the grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning and going to the post office.  When you get the call from the realtor alerting you to the next showing, hit the road and check something off your to do list.

Coffee Shop

Selling your home and moving can be a stressful time.  Relax while your house is shown to potential buyers by treating yourself to your favorite drink at the local coffee shop.

We hope these suggestions will help you survive the home selling process. You know whom to call when you are ready to mooooooove

Original Source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/go-potential-buyers-tour-home/