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Who Gets

The scenario: your family moves into a new home, but one of the bedrooms is significantly bigger, has a unique feature or has somehow been deemed better by the kids.  So, who gets the “best” room?  Kids have an innate desire for fairness, especially when it comes to a perceived slight in their sibling’s favor.  Parents can’t make everything perfect, but you can enjoy the process of laying down the law of what’s fair in your family.  In an unfair world, how will you navigate the “best” room dilemma?

The Oldest

Tradition dictates that the oldest gets to have the first pick of rooms.  A bigger or better room may be seen as compensation for taking on more responsibility and helping out more as the oldest kid.  Depending on the ages of your children when you move in, the oldest kid will also enter the teenage years first and may need more space.  The oldest will also be the first to fly the nest, meaning the next oldest will have an opportunity to occupy the “best” room.  Caution: Younger siblings will not think this is fair.


Whoever wants to argue about who gets the “best” room can share it.  This is guaranteed to be an unpopular outcome amongst all the children, but it could be a plausible solution for your family.  If you have more children than there are bedrooms, someone is going to have to share and the biggest room would make the most sense for siblings to share.  Some families choose to have kids share a room even if there is extra space because they believe it provides many benefits like helping kids learn to share or fostering sibling closeness.  If you have more bedrooms than children, the “best” room could be made into a playroom / media room that all siblings share.  Caution: No one will think this is fair.

No One

Some parents believe that if kids want to argue about something, than no one gets it. The “best” room may be most suitable as an office, guest room, gym or hobby room.  Why should the kids get the “best” room? If one parent works from home a separate office space that can be closed off from the rest of the house may be very beneficial.  Many homes with open floor plans don’t always have an office space with a door that can be closed to keep noise out.  A dedicated office space will also help parents who work remotely maintain a good work / life balance.  If you frequently have company or family that visits, a nice guest room is a great amenity to offer overnight guests.  A gym or hobby room may be something that the whole family can share.  Caution: Kids won’t think this is fair, but parents may see it as a win.

How have you solved “who gets the ‘best’ room?”

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