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Last week we focused on coping strategies for parents suffering from empty nest syndrome; however, not everyone is wiping away tears while clutching a photo of their college student.


Some parents are already gleefully planning parties, chartering around-the-world cruises, and hiring architects to draft plans for their new “spare rooms”.  So maybe the second part about chartering an around-the-world cruise isn’t a reality for all of us, but deciding what to do with your new “spare room” is something that many parents of college students can relate to.

We have created a list of “spare room” suggestions for parents who have recently mooved their kids to college.  You may not have a lot of moo-la (sending the calves to college costs a pretty penny), but you can create a new purpose for your extra space!

Man Cave

This suggestion may be more popular with the Dads, but we wouldn’t be worth our hooves if we didn’t suggest this “bully-good” idea!  Just picture a big flat screen TV, comfy chairs and maybe even a foosball table in the corner.  Moms think about the fact that you can reclaim the living room for the family and simply shut the door to take your mind off that manly mess.  We think that some college students may not be too disappointed to come home during the breaks to a big TV in his room either.

Hobby Room / Home Office

Building model trains, remote control planes, sewing, knitting, crocheting, graphic design, learning a new language, playing an instrument, building custom bicycles, crafting, jewelry-making, painting, photography: are any of these your favorite way to pass your spare time?  Now you have a room to practice your hobby of choice in and room to store all the accessories related to your favorite pastime.

If you are too busy working to pay those tuition bills and don’t have time for a hobby, transform your “spare room” into a home office.  How can your college student object, after all, you are helping to fund her education?

Elegant Guest Room

Of all the options, this one seems the most realistic and applicable to a variety of situations.  Your college student isn’t disappearing forever, in all likelihood, your student will be home for a month during Christmas break and a few months during the summer.  The most feasible and practical use of your “spare room” may be to simply update it into an elegant guest room.

Paint over the girlish pink with a more modern grey and ditch the Buzz Lightyear bedding for a neutral but warm comforter.  You can have a space where both guests and your college student can comfortably reside.


If you still have a few more little ones at home, you may not be ready to downsize just yet.  Your college student can still come visit you during the breaks in a smaller space, you just don’t need as much room for daily living when you have one less family member at home.

If you do decide to downsize, we hope you know who to call to help you move! 🙂

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