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How to Get Through a Rainy Day Move - Square Cow Moovers

Spring showers are right around the corner, which means there’s a greater chance you might have to move in the rain. Moving day is already stressful enough without waking up to gray skies overhead. If it looks like rain is in the forecast here are a few ways you can prepare ahead of time so your stuff is protected and safety is improved.

Start Tracking the Weather Early

Meteorologists have gotten very good at predicting the weather up to 10 days out. About a week before you move start tracking the weather both at your current home and the final destination. By this point the forecast should be pretty reliable. If you’re making a long-distance move you’ll also want to check the weather along the route.

If there’s a 50% or higher chance of rain it’s time to start preparing for a damp moving day.

Get Yourself Plenty of Tarps and Plastic Sheeting

When it’s raining or snowing on moving day plastic sheeting is your best friend. It can provide a makeshift canopy over the moving truck doors, protect your floors and keep unboxed items from getting soaked.

Cover Cardboard Boxes With Garbage Bags

Cardboard and water don’t go well together. A cheap roll of garbage bags can save you a lot of aggravation and possibly help you avoid costly water damage. You can opt to cover every packing box with a garbage bag, or just focus on boxes that contain things like electronics.

Dress for the Weather

Hopefully you didn’t pack up your rain gear. How you’re dressed has a huge impact on comfort and safety when you’re moving in the rain. Pay special attention to your footwear. You’ll want to wear shoes with a non-slip grip and a surface that’s waterproof. This will keep your shoes from getting soggy and give you better traction on slippery surfaces.

Two other items you’ll want to have handy are a rain jacket and pair of gloves. Wet clothes will become heavy, sag and increase your risk of getting snagged on things. A rain jacket that covers you to the hips will keep things light and dry. A warm pair of waterproof gloves will help you maintain your dexterity so you’re less likely to drop something.

Clear Out the Driveway

The closer you can get the moving truck to your front door the less likely it is your stuff will get drenched. Before the movers arrive make sure the driveway is clear of other vehicles and debris. Have a garage? Great! Backing the moving truck up to the door and loading from the garage will make things much drier and less messy.

Once you reach the final destination you’ll want to repeat the process. Unloading into the garbage will give you a chance to dry things off before bringing them inside.

Have Towels Handy

Things are bound to get wet so it helps to have extra towels on hand to dry items off. Be careful to wipe down wooden furniture immediately. All it takes is a little bit of moisture to cause warping and discoloration. In a pinch you can also lay towels on the floor to protect the carpet.

Lay Down Cardboard at the Entrances

Another way to keep carpet from getting filthy is to break down a few cardboard boxes and lay them on the floor at the entrance. Use some packing tape to secure them in place so they don’t slide around. 

Make a Coffee Run

Even in the dead of summer, rain can put a chill in the air. A warm cup of coffee can heat you up and give you a little extra pep in your step. Hot tea and cocoa are two other alternatives for people that don’t drink coffee.

Identify Items That Can’t Get Wet

If you have items that absolutely can’t get wet, like a painting or flat screen television, make that clear to everyone who’s helping you move. Make an announcement before you get started, label the items and/or set them aside so that everyone knows to take special care during the loading and unloading process.

Signs That the Rain is Too Heavy to Move

Sometimes Mother Nature is just working against you. Powering through a light drizzle is possible, but anything more than that can create unsafe working conditions. When you see these signs you know the rain is too bad to keep moving:

If there’s no sign the rain is going to let up anytime soon there’s a good chance your moving company is going to call and reschedule. If the forecast made it clear there would be heavy rain all day they’ll probably contact you ahead of time to set up a new moving day.

At Square Cow Movers we’ll help you keep an eye on the weather leading up to moving day. Your moving coordinator can also provide specific advice on how to handle a rainy move based on your location and the stuff we’ll be moving. Rain or shine you can give us a call to schedule an in-home moving estimate or use the online form to get an instant quote.

Original Source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/get-rainy-day-move/