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Moving Truck

These days there are lots of ways to transport your household goods from point A to point B. Two of the most popular options are moving trucks and moving trailers. While they serve the same basic purpose, they are two distinctly different modes of transport.

What is a Moving Truck?

A moving truck isn’t like a normal, everyday pickup truck. Professional movers will have trucks that sit two to three people in the cab and have a large enclosed, open space in the back. The door in the rear will roll up and down, and some even have sliding sides like the newest trucks at Square Cow Movers. The rear door can be locked to ensure that all the contents are safe even if it’s parked somewhere overnight.

What is a Moving Trailer?

It’s important to note that there is more than one type of moving trailer. There are cargo trailers, which are completely enclosed and have a door that can be locked. Then there are utility trailers, which are essentially flat beds with railings around the sides. They are open and don’t lock up.

When to Use a Moving Truck Instead of a Moving Trailer

You Don’t Have a Vehicle to Pull a Trailer With – In order to pull a trailer you’ll have to have a vehicle that’s rated to pull a certain load. The load includes the weight of the trailer itself and the contents inside.

You Don’t Have a Hitch – Pulling a trailer also requires that your vehicle be outfitted with a hitch system that’s rated to pull a specific load. These hitch systems can cost a pretty penny, adding significantly to the cost of using a trailer if you don’t already have one.

Weather That’s Less Than Ideal – A utility trailer will leave your items out in the elements, even if you use a tarp to try and cover things up. When items are in a truck they are completely enclosed and not exposed to rain, snow, hail, cold or the heat.

You Have a Lot of Stuff – Moving trucks offer more floor space than a trailer and you can stack vertically increasing the amount of things that can be moved at once.

Your Things Need to be Secured – If you’re making a longer distance move or items need to be packed on one day and moved on the next, a moving truck can be locked up so that everything is super secure. When you opt for a utility trailer, things may be strapped down, but they are still out in the open.

You Have Expensive Pieces of Furniture, Appliances, etc. That Need to be Tied Down – Any expensive or irreplaceable items should be transported on a truck instead of a trailer because a truck offers more options for tying items down and keeping them protected during transport.

You Need to Haul a Vehicle – If you’re already hauling a trailer there’s no way to haul a vehicle. One of the biggest benefits of a truck is the ability to hitch up an additional trailer, car, etc. to the back.

If you need a Texas moving company to transport all your worldly goods in, out or around the state give Square Cow Movers a call. We’ve got top-of-the-line trucks and an expert crew that knows how to pack them securely and safely.

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