Austin is one of the top fittest cities in the United States according to one annual ranking.  This probably comes as no surprise to most Austinites who try not to take the abundant good weather for granted as they visit one of the numerous parks, running trails or biking paths. The countless sunshine-filled days and the popularity of a diverse range of active pastimes in Austin make it easy to see why this city earned a high ranking.


However, a healthy lifestyle includes both active physical habits and a good diet.  Whether you are a native Austinite or a recent transplant, there is no better time than the present to improve your health,  March is National Nutrition Month!  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors this month to help educate and inform the public about making informed food choices and developing sound eating and active habits.  Find out how you can get fit, eat healthy, find support, meet like-minded people, get educated and volunteer in Austin!

Eat Healthy Here

Whole Foods – Whole Foods was founded in (you guessed It) Austin, Texas!  Each store has a Healthy Eating Specialist that coordinates great events like Healthy Eating Store Tours, Label Reading Classes, Heath Fairs and many other great events at your local Whole Foods.  Check it out: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/service/lamar-health-starts-here

Snap Kitchen – Snap Kitchen advertises itself as “fresh, healthy takeaway”.  This business can help you stay healthy on the go as you grab a pre-packaged, portion controlled and fully labeled meal made with local, organic ingredients.  Read More: http://www.snapkitchen.com/index.php/site/

My Fit Foods – My Fit Foods also offers pre-packaged healthy meals, but most of them are gluten-free.  As an added bonus you can find My Fit Foods in H-E-B as well as at stand-alone locations.  More Info: https://www.myfitfoods.com/locations/default.aspx#location_page_map

Get Fit, Get Educated and Maybe Even Volunteer

We Viva – We Viva is a local non-profit that provides nutrition classes and free fitness programs to people in low-income communities.  Monday through Friday We Viva provides Zumba, Yoga, Strength Training and Nutrition classes at 14 different locations. Find out how you can get involved: http://weviva.org/

Austin YMCA – The Y is another great place to start if you are embarking on a new nutritious and fit chapter in your life.  Not only does the Y provide fitness classes and childcare, but there are also several nutrition, cooking and weight loss classes!  For more info: http://www.austinymca.org/fitness/nutrition-and-weight-loss

Meet Like-Minded People

Meet Up – Eating right and exercising can be hard if you try to go it alone.  The support of a friend or a group can go a long way in helping to ensure you stick with your exercise regimen and new healthy eating habits.  There are tons of groups in Austin with similar exercise and nutrition goals.  Find some new friends here: http://exercise-nutrition.meetup.com/cities/us/tx/austin/

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