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It’s that time of year when the baby chicks come back home to roost for the summer. Making the transition back home is sure to be an emotional experience.

Wonder what’s going through their head as they begin making their bedroom their own again?


1. What the heck did you do to my room? Why are things different?!



2. This summer I’m majoring in relaxation.



3. What are these rules that they speak of?



4. Are they actually going to try to give me a curfew?



5. At least there’s laundry service.

5-Cat Laundry


6. I bet I can still climb out of my window without making any noise.

6-Fall out of window


7. So what if they find out about my tattoo.

7- LMcGuire


8. I wonder what my old high school crew is up to these days.

8- Meeting up with College Friends


9. I wonder if they know how much I’ve missed them? Better not say anything or they’ll start visiting me every weekend when college starts back up.

9-Love me kitty


10. Free food is awesome,

10- EStone


11. but dishes really aren’t my thing.

11- Clean Dishes


12. There go the Sunday morning Bloody Marys.

12- Bloody Marys


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#College kid coming back home for #summervacation? Here’s what’s really going through their heads.

Posted by Square Cow Movers on Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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