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These days there are all types of communities throughout Texas. Some are more private with people that prefer to keep to themselves. Others are very tight-knit and have a lot of interaction among neighbors. There are neighborhoods where people will pick up your mail for you when you’re on vacation, or ones where your kids can make lifelong friends that come hang out after school.

Some, like author Marc Dunkleman, have argued that tight-knit communities are starting to fade away in America. His book “The Vanishing Neighbor” talks about middle ring relationships, which are heavily dependent on making friends with your neighbors. Fortunately, the herds of people in Central Texas still have plenty of neighborly neighborhoods to choose from. If you’re looking for a tight-knit community, keep reading for a rundown of the signs that indicate a neighborhood is a great place to build bonds.

There’s a Community Center That Hosts Regular Activities

Many newer neighborhoods have community centers, but the physical building isn’t the important part. It’s the activities that take place there that matter. If a neighborhood has a monthly calendar of events they’re hosting, it’s a very good sign that people enjoy being neighborly together.

See If the Community Has Any Meetups

Meetup.com is a great resource for finding all sorts of activities, including ones for a particular neighborhood. Hop on the website to see if there are any specific activities for the neighborhood and who is hosting them.

There’s a Community Pool

In the summer, a community pool is the socializing hot spot. If the neighborhood has a pool there is a good chance that you will meet a lot of neighbors. It can also be a place where you can invite a few old friends to meet your new friends. Bonus points if the pool area is well maintained, which indicates that the neighbors take pride in their community asset.

Kids Are Playing Out in the Front Yard

People tend to feel safer in places where they know everyone else and know that others are looking out for their well-being. If parents trust that their kids can play safely out in the front yard, it’s a good sign that people are comfortable in the neighborhood.

There Are Lots of Sidewalks and Walking Trails

Sidewalks and walking trails encourage people to get out and about in the neighborhood. This in turn encourages more interaction among community members.

There’s an Active Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood watch programs are voluntary, and as such, they signify that people are invested in keeping each other safe. These programs keep riff-raff out and also give neighbors another way to get to know one another.

The People You Meet Are Friendly

No one likes having unfriendly neighbors. The best way to get a feel for how tight-knit a community is – talk to people. From the people working at the community center to parents at the neighborhood park, talking to several people that are friendly is a good sign that you’ll hit it off with other people living in the area.

There’s Good Community Leadership

Whether it’s an HOA, historic preservation organization or a neighborhood watch, the people who are involved in maintaining the neighborhood are a good indicator of what you can expect from living there. If it’s a tight-knit group that is focused on building community involvement the neighborhood will probably be a good fit.

It’s an Intimate Size

The smaller the community the more likely it is that the neighbors are a tight-knit group that knows each other. But even if the overall size of the community is sprawling that’s not an automatic indicator of disconnection, especially if the neighborhood is segmented into individual sections.

There’s a School Nearby

Schools are centers of community involvement. Kids meet kids, parents meet parents, parents meet faculty, community members meet faculty and parents at sporting events, fundraisers, etc. Parents are also more likely to get involved with the PTA and volunteering at the school if it’s nearby.

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