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What happens when you buy a new house, move-in, and then find out that your neighbors aren’t exactly your favorite people?  Or even worse, what if you move into an apartment/condo/duplex and quickly learn that people you share walls with are not the quietest?  It’s situations like this that make us all want to move to the country, far, far away from any potential crazy people.  Have you ever heard the saying, “the best defense is a good offense”?  We think this statement applies well to situations with neighbors.  Don’t wait for things to get bad before you get involved.  Soon after moving in, it may be a good idea to introduce yourself to your new neighbors.  We aren’t advocating knocking on everyone’s door with cookies, but a polite nod or friendly wave will go a long way as you walk your dog or get out of your car.  However, you may not want to be too friendly.  An overzealous neighbor may start borrowing many things or asking for too many favors.  Being polite and direct with your neighbor if there is a problem is probably the best modus operandi.  If your neighbor continues to ignore your request to lower the music, hopefully there is an HOA or higher authority you can bring your complaint to.  Can’t we all just get along, agree to politely wave, keep our music down, clean-up after our pets and be considerate of others?  Do you have good neighbors?