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November is National Family Caregivers Month. There are over 90 million caregivers in the United States today. Caregivers help provide for the emotional, physical and daily needs of parents, children, spouses and other family members.  The needs of the infirm, disabled and elderly are well-known and publicized, but who cares for the caregivers? It is important to recognize caregivers because these individuals have a difficult task of balancing their roles as both a caregiver and as a family member.  Caregivers give so much, but is important for them to provide quality care while also staying healthy and active themselves.  By recognizing caregivers, we can help give them needed support, education and resources.

The transition from a family member living independently to moving into an assisted living home is often a difficult time brought about by a deterioration in mental or physical health or abilities.  A family may make the decision to help a loved one move into an assisted living home when a loved one’s needs go beyond their family’s ability to care for them.  Here are five ways to help you and your loved one cope when an assisted living home is the next step.

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