Woman in a wall of cardboard boxes

Can you believe Tetris just turned 31 years old?! In cow years that’s ancient. The game has come a long way from its original version, which was designed for the Electronika 60. But the objective has always remained the same – fit different shapes together so that they create solid lines with no gaps.

This is exactly what our moving bovines do when they pack boxes, load moving trucks, and help clients fit everything into a storage unit. We broke out the Game Boy for a few rounds of Tetris while brainstorming our favorite strategic packing strategies.

Have a Plan for Fitting it All Together

You can’t get 4,988 lines cleared in Tetris (that’s the Guinness World Record) by going about things willy-nilly. The same goes for your packing. Having a plan that charts out what all will go in boxes, what different types of boxes will be needed, and how everything will be packed into the boxes is going to make the process of getting everything loaded a lot easier. If you want to maximize what can fit into a storage unit you’ll need a plan for using the vertical space and creating a walkway for easy access.

Look at Things From All Angles

You won’t get very far in Tetris if you just use the pieces in the direction that they are given. You have to flip them around so that everything fits together. The same is true for packing. Instead of just packing things in the most obvious way sometimes you have to get creative. Flip the couch up so it stands on one end. Slide mattresses on top of boxes when you’ve only got a foot or so of clearance in a moving truck. Even stacking boxes requires looking at things from different angles if you have multiple sizes and shapes.

Box Up as Many Things as Possible

Boxes are much easier to work with than loose items. Like the pieces in Tetris, boxes can be stacked and lined up so that no space is wasted in a moving truck. Boxing things up also allows you to move more at once because things are contained and easier to handle. It might take a little more work at the forefront, but once it comes time to make the move you’ll be glad that you’re moving boxes instead of individual items.

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Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/what-movers-have-learned-from-the-game-of-tetris/