Male Owner Of Coffee Shop

There’s no one is more loyal than Texans – bar none. We proudly support our Texas-based businesses both large and small, but the latter is especially important. As a moderately sized moving company in Austin, Houston and the surrounding areas we fully understand how vital that support is to us, our colleagues, the local economy and the people we serve.


It’s Good for the Local Economy

Supporting small businesses is supporting the local economy. A small business is more likely to reinvest more of their revenue back into the local economy by spending more of it within the community. Furthermore, they focus on local needs rather than the national customer-base.

When it comes to jobs your fellow small businesses far outpace the larger ones. The federal government estimates that the roughly 28 million small businesses employ half the workforce and supply 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S.


It Can Help You Grow Your Own Business

Small business owners can be customers too, but even more important is the fact that if a fellow business owner trusts you they will let their clients know too. All the people they work with could potentially be referred anytime they need your goods and services. At Square Cow Movers we know how impactful this can be firsthand since we do both residential moves and commercial moves.


You Know They Are as Invested in the Community as You Are

Big chains look at profits and losses to decide where their stores will be located or whether they need to relocate. For a small, local business it’s more about working where they live. Their operation is directly tied to the city and health of its economy. When you support a small business you know they are just as invested as you are in making the community the best it can be so that all the businesses thrive.


They Make the Community More Enjoyable and Livable

Small businesses don’t require huge, expansive spaces and resources to start up. Instead many can easily fit into vacant spaces that are readily available. With their smaller operating facilities they help to keep community centers vibrant, walkable and enjoyable. They also help to keep the local character intact.


It’s the Texan and American Way

America is a country built on entrepreneurship. Small businesses truly are the backbone of our overall economy and provide value by diversifying options. They are also key to innovation in all industries. When you think about it, even a company as big and influential as Google was once a small business operating out of a garage.


This month Wade, Derek, and Wayne are going to be representing small businesses in Texas at the Yelp Small Business Advisory Council (YSBAC) Summit. The summit is being held at Yelp’s headquarters so that small business owners can meet with executives and share their point of view. We’re excited about the opportunity and welcome all small business owners to reach out and share their thoughts with us.

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