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Your business is growing beyond your manpower, which means it’s time to hire a new employee. While the thought of expanding your number of employees can be exciting, the hiring process can also be stressful. Hiring someone new is a big choice that can have a real impact on your business, especially if they are working directly with clients and/or the public.

Keep reading to get tips on the top ways to identify applicants that will be respectful employees who bring in more business instead of scaring it away.


Greeting with Meaning

In the moving world, employees interact with clients everyday. First impressions are always important, whether you’re at an interview or on a job. Our very own Wade Lombard says that the first interaction is one of the best ways of figuring out which job candidates will be the most respectful. “One of the things I look for most is when they walk in and make eye contact while shaking my hand. This is a good gauge for how they will greet customers at their door,” says Wade.


They Show Up Ahead of Time

Professional movers that practice punctuality are a must. Again, it’s all about making good first impressions with clients, and movers who show up late can ruin the relationship before it even starts. Plus, it’s just plain rude to arrive late when other people are waiting on you. If the job candidate gets there for the interview on time that’s good. If they get there well ahead of time that’s even better. Unless the candidate calls ahead and has a very good reason for being late, go ahead and move on to the next resume.


Willingness to Go Above and Beyond

If a job candidate isn’t being accommodating during the interview process, it’s a bad sign. In the moving industry, like many other industries, people that are problem-solvers and willing to go the extra mile are the ones that will make the most respectful employees. If someone is not attempting to work with your schedule or can’t seem to make it work even if you’ve offered a range of options it’s probably time to move on to the next job candidate.


They Take the Time to Learn About You

People always appreciate it when you make them feel special. In our business that means beefing up on who the client is, what their moving needs are, what area they currently live and where they’re moving. If a job candidate takes the time to learn about your business and your current work, that’s a great sign that they’ll do their due diligence to know about your clients before showing up at their door. This kind initiative wins clients over every time.


Verbal Cues of Respectful Employees

The interview gives you a chance to see how a potential employee speaks with others that they’ve just met or only know professionally. Simple things that we all learn as youngsters, like saying “sir”, “ma’am”, “please” and “thank you” are the best barometers for respectfulness. The primary test is how the job candidate ends the conversation. Carefully consider the interviewees that thank you for the opportunity before leaving.


Look for Resume Warning Signs

Job applicants are going to want to put their best hoof forward with their resume, so sometimes it’s difficult to figure out who the best candidates really are off their resume alone. That said, there are a few tale-tell indicators that they aren’t going to be a respectable fit. These include:

Very Short Job Stints – If their resume is full of jobs that lasted less than a year it could be a sign that they didn’t get along well with others or that they didn’t perform well on the job.

No Professional References – If the candidate doesn’t provide any references or the references listed only include personal acquaintances, that can be a sign of issues. Job candidates that list their previous employers as a reference are a safer bet.

Unprofessional Writing Choices – As CNN Money points out there are a number of resume killers, and when you’re looking for a professional, respectful employee some things jump right off the page. Red flags include: weird fonts, colored text, strange or unsavory email addresses all stand out in a bad way.


When you need a group of pro movers that are respectful even while hoisting heavy furniture up a flight of stairs, Square Cow Movers has the team you’re looking for. We carefully vet every single one of our employees to ensure our clients have the best moving experience ever. Call us today to talk to a friendly moving consultant or fill out the online form for an instant moving quote.

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