The commitment has been made. You’re moving to another home or apartment. There are essentials you definitely want to pack. Likewise, you’ve got mementoes you don’t ever want to part with.

And then there’s the junk you’ve collected over the years. Useless things like that exercise bike that was used for a week before it became a place to hang your clothes. How about the 40-gallon air popcorn popper?jackolope - Square Cow Moovers

Then there’s the stuffed jackalope which your spouse has threatened to use as a container for a few pounds of M-80’s many, many times.

Sure, it’s a conversation piece. But usually when it’s discussed, friends inevitably ask, “When did you stop seeing that shrink?” or “shouldn’t you get back on your meds, for the kid’s sake?”

You could donate all of the junk to Goodwill and take a tax write-off. Or you can make a cash-only deal with total strangers.

You Can’t Sell the Garage

But you can have a garage sale to unload your trash. That way the jackalope will become someone else’s psychological nightmare. What’s say we give you some tips on how to rid yourself of stuff you never knew you had, nor have absolutely no use for.