No matter how carefully you plan, you may still end up with a limbo period between moving out of your old place and moving into your new home. Figuring out where to stay while you wait to move in can be a real hassle and often we turn to relatives rather than a short-term lease. While it may save you money, it could cause stress, strained relationships and awkward holidays if you wear out your welcome.

These Square Cow tips for staying with family members while you’re waiting to move will help you turn this transition period into a positive one.

Tips for Short Term Shack Ups with Relatives

Be Clear About How Long You’re Staying. . . And Stick to It

If you’re in the middle of a move you likely have a projected move in date. Let your generous family member know what that date is so they can plan accordingly. If your plans change let them know as soon as possible.

Don’t Expect Helping Moving

Don’t expect your relatives to help you move – they’re being nice enough as it is. If they offer to help, take them up on the offer, but give them a few easy tasks if they want to help out. Use the money you’ve saved staying with them to hire an Austin moving company if you need extra help for the big things.

Respect Their Privacy

They are sharing their home with you, but that doesn’t mean you have full reign of everything. Keep out of their bedroom and bathroom (unless there’s only one in the house or you’re invited) and any other space they like to have quiet time. If the family member works at home you’ll also need to steer clear of the office while they’re busy.

Offer to Help Out Around the House

Even if you’re paying a little something in rent, offer to help out with the household chores. Remember, it’s a family member’s home not a hotel.

Pitch In on Utilities

Offer to help out with the utilities. With more people in the house using electricity, water and gas the utility bill is going to go up.

Keep Things Clean

Be respectful of your relative’s home, even if they have a little bit of a messy streak you shouldn’t add to it. This is especially true for shared spaces like the kitchen and living room.

Plan Family Events. . . And Pay Their Way

Show your relative how much you appreciate them by planning a family get together like a movie night or picnic once every week or so. This is a treat to thank them for letting you stay so don’t expect them to pay their way.

Figure Out Food

Talk to your relative about how you want to handle food from buying groceries, to pantry space to planning meals together.

Store Your Stuff in a Unit, Not Their Garage

If you’re in between moves it’s best to just rent a storage unit rather than piling it into your relative’s garage, attic or basement. It will be easier to move into the new home and you won’t be putting your family out.

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